More Photos of Hyun Joong and Jae Joong at the airport

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I am bumping this post as fan accounts already surfaced accompanying these photos.

Credits to Baidu Kim Jae Joong bar + Baidu Kim Hyun Joong bar + TWTripleS + (English translation)

Vancouver food court fan account by 屬魚的猴子
We have just started to eat a few mouthfuls
From the corridor not far from the direction behind me came a group of men in strong posture.
Don’t remember is it because of Lucy said that “Wow…Look like a parade of Star”, I followed her glaze and look forward
But above all them the first I saw is among this group of people
walking in the middle wearing large, dark sunglasses
who have the most Star feeling… the one who seems like Kim Jae Joong

Actually, I am not very familiar with TVXQ ><
However, I saw his hair style and his mouth which I think is very special
Also his star like feeling! I had decided that must be him~
Beside him, there is another Star like man with sunglasses. I thought he was Yoochun in first sight, but at a closer look seems not
In addition seems like he is much younger . couldn’t see him very clearly because his face was covered too much
So I guess… is someone ready to debut / already debuted trainee ?
{Then I guess is he Ricky.. however I haven’t seen Ricky and don’t know how old is he ==)
When I saw them, they just walked in front of my left side. Stop next to the two tables with Asian young people
About 10 meters from me
After I saw Jae Joong and that sunglasses man, my brain went blank for 10 seconds. Then shouted in my mind “Jae =Joong, Yoochun, TVXQ???!!!”
then, I think “O? Really are they? why are they being here?
I looked at them several times afterward. Determined that really are they. Then my unawareness brain said to Lucy “is TVXQ ~”
Then again
- This is Vancouver, right?! Why are they here ???!!! Where are they going?
- They really are TVXQ?! -Super Junior!! They are together, right? ~ - My God this is real?!
- They saw me? - A lot of people around! Are they fans?
My brain is confuse my eyes are staring unknown expression. There are still rice chewing in my mouth. Just looking at them. Maybe I was afraid to stare at them so that’s why I looked back at Lucy
 I rejected all the above idea quickly. I was still in my confused mind when hearing Lucy said “Photographing” T
hen my reaction was back
Surprise, calmly took out my camera. However, my hand started to shake when pressing the shutter… ><
Lucy said there was another girl behind us also taking photographs (So before I thought that there were lots of fans was only a illusion)
After I shot two photos, a man discovered me… He looked at me. Pointed at me and said something to them
I was afraid in the beginning. However, he looked at me and pointed at me for a while doing nothing. I continued shooting for another two photos bravely… haha
It was 11 am at that time. They had been staying for about three minutes. Met with that group of Asian young men greeting each other after a while and left
Jae Joong seems to have very good spirit smiling from time to time
He had big movement… that’s why he turned his back to me later
He looked like the same as being on screen. skin is really fair and clear
(After they left, suddenly thought that we should look at how tall are they. But I am Lucy thought that he really is 180)
The man in dark sunglasses only stood there and didn’t move a lot

Postscript after Postscript: 
1. First, I am sorry Kim Hyun Joong little child. totally not recognize you ….
2. Today, my feeling of seeing them is : while slowly eating – inadvertently turned my head – mo ???!!!! I walked beside TVXQ?!
3. If the flight is not delayed. If I went toward the US flight terminal not toward the international terminal. If I didn’t go to the food court to eat. If we chose the other restaurant in the food court not beside those two table of Asian young people. If my seat and Lucy’s was exchanged. Then all of these wouldn’t happened.
4. Usually really envious of everyone in the country. I thought if I continued to live in this place, the chance to see them was like wishing for money falling from sky. Now I have more confidence that I can see my 修潑豬泥哦 (some idol’s name I think) ~><
5. However, they go shopping on the 10th ?! why we went shopping on the 9th went skiing on the 10th .. crazy crazy …
6. Even Lucy who doesn’t know TVXQ at all has said that “the young man was very handsome,” “Even wearing sunglasses still have a look more handsome than others” ~ Oh, haha!. ^——^
7. Thanks for seeing this long and smelly fan account. I had a so detail description. People who haven’t see them before can use my word to imagine…. haha XD


Second fan account: 

They really stayed very long. Have been in front of me all the time ~
However I was really scared by that man… that’s why I didn’t look at Jae Joong very much
Because I am not a fan of Hyun Joong and Jae Joong, I think I can be more objective
Hyun Joong and Jae Joong
Their skin look very good (at least looking at my distance, they don’t have any imperfect) also skin is really fair… whiter than girls
Don’t know if they had makeup on (In this small airport where no one know wouldn’t have much makeup, right?)
Always heard SJ fans say that Sj members have very small faces == so this time I had noticed
But… not much feeling …their faces are like the normal size of a man ==
However, Jae Joong’s head seems very small
Maybe it is because comparing to his board shoulder clothing..
The clothing is very low cut… his Clavicle is quite good looking
He is taller than my imagination… I always think that the photos would make people seem taller… also I always think the information from the company are wrong…
However, he should have at least 178 if not 180
Not much different from screen
Very good spirit… in very good mood … having smile all the time
He had lots of movement.. had been talking with other (and hugging? don’t remember)
Because of their contract problem, I always thought that they should be in bad mood ..
It seems quite good to play in Vancouver? ~
Hyun Joong… determined that he is not a person I know so didn’t pay attention to><
However, he really is a handsome boy.. even behind the sunglasses you could still see his face is very delicate and elegant
Why I feel that his skin is very fresh, also his shyly expression… make him look like a 19/20 years old hoobae.. haha^^
Maybe he was not shy.. he just stood there not moving a lot not talking a lot.. when he came here before he also walked behind Jae Joong
(did he know Japanese also? if he doesn’t know.. maybe those Asian young people are Japanese so not good in communication)
But he still smiling all the way
He is a bit taller than Jae Joong, right?
In conclusion, these two person is really having a great air field. Walking in the middle of the group

Imagine the entering of a Star.
Saw Jae Joong’s photos in baidu bar after he entered the gate taken off his coat wearing a vest
>< Even though I was taking a US flight, we were not in the same international terminal..if not, I might follow them into the gate
Actually Vancouver was not very cold. After seeing the photos I had taken, thought that they were wearing too much…I and Lucy only wore two very thin clothing
The heat in the airport was very enough… also they were eating at that time? Didn’t worry they would get a cold~
I saw some discussion about if those girls were staffs in baidu Hyun Joong bar O…
I didn’t think about this question before~
Didn’t feel that they were close…== or I didn’t pay attention?><
Look at my photo. a girl in grey clothing always stood beside Hyun Joong was actually good looking..
haha.. I don’t think so la
just saying… some other fans suspect that she is a staff or a friend ..
But I didn’t see them having some close relationship.. so should a staff only
Also, they were waiting in the food cart before …not coming with them..

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