Kim Hyun Joong receives heat for attending ex-President’s bday party

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Every Leader's fans and most of TripleS would have already known by now what has transpired with regards to our beloved Kim Hyun Joong. Joongie has vented out his anger and frustration from all the flack he's been getting after showing up briefly in a former president's birthday party. Here are some news to enlighten us all in all the hoopla our dear Leader was in.

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Kim Hyunjoong has been receiving a lot of criticism, heat and hate for attending the birthday celebration of ex-President Jun Doohwan. The reason for this? Because Jun Doohwan was one of Korea’s most hated Presidents and considered responsible for the Gwangju Massacre in 1980.

Kim Hyunjoong is apparently deeply hurt from all of the harsh criticism and hate. On the 19th, DSP Entertainment had stepped in to release a statement on their website and clear his name.

“January 18th was the birthday of DSP Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Ho Yeon. Aside from Jungmin who was filming for ‘Human Theatre 2010′, the CEO and the rest of the members had an appointment to eat dinner together. Hyungjoong had another meeting prior to this dinner, so after that meeting, he met up with CEO Lee Ho Yeon to travel together to the dinner location. On the way there however, Lee Ho Yeon received a call from the ex-President’s party, requesting that he drop by. Upon the request, they stopped by prior to heading out for their dinner party.”

Basically, DSP Entertainment is stating that Kim Hyunjoong had no choice but to stop by because DSP Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Ho Yeon, had to make a stop at Jun Doohwan’s celebration. In other words, Hyunjoong was there by coincidence, since he was with Lee Ho Yeon. Unfortunately, because of this, Kim Hyunjoong has been receiving a lot of hate.

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Rumours regarding Singer Kim Hyun Joong attending ex-President Chun Doo Hwan birthday party

Already confirmed with the news report and confirmed that it is the truth...."We have the photographs but do not release."

On 18th evening, everybody has many speculations about whether Kim Hyun Joong attended the former President's 80th birthday party, and many has started to discuss about this.

According to the news report regarding the 18th, former President Chun Doo Hwan held his 80th birthday party in one of the wedding event hall in Seoul, Gangnam-go. Attending the events were many former cabinet members during his presidency, military officers and active politicians. Attracting most attention was popular singer SS501's Kim Hyun Joong who was also among the guest.

Once the news was released, netizen immediately raised their opinion regarding 'Reason of Kim Hyun Joong actually didn't attend', most of the opinion think that the news report was biased, and the news started to spread in a flash.

Because certain netizen's opinion were too intense, causing media who mainly report entertainment news quickly reported news regarding "Kim Hyun Joong management company strongly deny". All in a sudden, the original news report was mistaken as a wrong news.

However, after further investigation with the related news company, after confirmation, Kim Hyun Joong actually attended the former president birthday party.

The news editor department related person revealed on 19th, "Kim Hyun Joong really attended the former president's birthday party, we not even have the proof, and also hold photographs of Kim Hyun Joong shaking the former president hand during that time." He further explained, "We do not release the photo because of requests from fans, we are fully awared of their feelings of not wanting their beloved idol to be linked to politics."

"The reason Kim Hyun Joong attending the party was because their company higher management is the former president close friend. Therefore regarding Kim Hyun Joong attending the birthday party, he himself do not have any relation with politics."

Also, Kim Hyun Joong's management company personnel when being interviewed also pointed out "Because this is his personal schedule, the company could not fully control, and also we had already requested the media to modify the contents of the news reports."

The management company hope that the wrong news report of Kim Hyun Joong didn't attend the party will be rectified, so that it would not mislead the general public and also hope that this topic will calm down soon.

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