Will Hyun Joong reproduce the “찢중 (Clothes ripping 현중)”? High interest Concern

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This year Kim Hyun Joong of group SS501 introduced the aka “찢중” performance among fans in concert in Seoul, once again being the topic.

SS501 spread the news of their two night Asian Tour encore concert in February 27 to 28. The interest is focused on reproducing if Kim Hyun Joong will do the “찢중” performance.

Asian tour in Seoul in August last year, Kim Hyun Joong performing solo on stage was introduced on a tear of the unconventional choreography has drove an explosive reaction.

After performing, fans gave him the nickname’찢중(Clothes ripping 현중)’, the term was made result in the concert of Japan which introduced a performance to fans ’Asia tour will tear all my clothes’ he said ”I am 찢중.

Meanwhile, SS501 the first Asian tour ‘PERSONA’ encore concert will be held in the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium No. 1 (gymnastics), coming from February 27 to 28 in 2 night.

Here is a video of ‘찢중(Clothes ripping 현중)’ in the news: http://www.tagstory.com/video/video_post.aspx?media_id=V000401310

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