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안녕하세요? 정민입니당~~^^ 2010-01-27 오전 9:58:54


잘지내고 있죠?

날씨가 풀릴 듯 풀릴 듯.... 계속 돌돌 말려있네요...아..추어~

여러분~인생극장 2010 보셨어요?

매주 무박 4일을 세워...ㅠㅠ 찍은 작품들이랍니다...ㅋㅋ

벌써 4화를 찍고있어요.

오늘은 그 아침...집에 들어가지 못하고있습니당..ㅠㅠ

그러니까 꼬옥 본방사수해주세요...!ㅋ

오늘 12시에 하죠? 시간대 바꾼다는 이야기도 있는뎅~그 전까지는 일단 눈 부릅떠주세요.

실은 전 쑥쓰러워서 혼자 몰래보고싶은데...

사무실 누나가 소문 좀 내라고 등을 밀어서...ㅋㅋ

아직 프로필도 안바꿔주고선...ㅋㅋ 그래도 울 삼실 진희누나는 건장하니까.


멤버들이 인생극장보고 카메오로 출연시켜달래요~~

촬영이 너무 고되서 힘든 역할 시키면 보복할 것 같구,

임팩트 있으면서 날로 잡수 실 수 있는 역 있음 꼭 선보여드리겠슴니당~!

참. 그리고 오늘 부터 콘서트 티켓 오픈이라고 들었어요.

멤버들의 열정이 대단합니다.

뭔가 다른 무대들을 보여주고 싶나봐요.. 난 늘 한결 같은 모습 보여주고 싶은데~!

뭔가 특별한 무대를 만나볼수도 있으니 이 기회 놓치지 마시구요.

그리고 조만간 아기다리고기다리~ 주식회사 박정민의 쇼핑몰이 오픈합니다.

몰 이름은 간지러우니까 슬슬 공개하는 걸로하고~

아직 준비중이지만, 조만간 만나보실 수 있으니 자주 애용해주세요.

참. 방송한다는 이야기는 있는데, 저도 몰랐습니다.ㅋㅋ

하지만 하려구요!! 전 박대표니까

여러분 추운 날씨 감기조심하시고~

언제나 화이팅~~!!!^0^


English Translation:

Hello everyone~ I am Jung Min~~^^ 2010-01-27 9:58:54

Hello everyone~ I am Jung Min
How's everyone lately?
The weather seems to have keeps changing...ah so cold~

Has everyone watched Human Theatre 2010?
Must film for 4 days every week ㅠㅠ this is the product of sleepless nights....keke
Now we're filming the 4th episode already
Today film in the morning, but still cannot go home... ㅠㅠ
So everyone must definitely watch on time...! Hah
It broadcasts at 12 today right? I heard that the timeslot might change, but before that everyone must look out okay.

Felt a little embarassed, so at first I wanted to watch it alone
But noonas (colleagues) in the office keep urging me to publicise it more....keke
Didn't change my introduction either....keke But Jin Hye noona is very strong.


After watching Human Theatre, the members all want a cameo apperance~~
Filming is really exhausting
If I give them a tiring role they will surely take revenge
If there's any suitable role (handsome yet not tiring) I will definitely let them do it~ !
Ah, right, today's the opening day for the sale of concert tickets right
Members' enthusiasm is really high
Want to show a different kind of stage presence, but I feel that consistency is the best~ !

Everyone will see a different kind of stage, so don't miss this opportunity
And also, hold on ~~ stock company Park Jung Min's online shop is finally going to open for business
This is a bit embarassing, so the shop name will have to wait for later to slowly be revealed~~

Now it's still undergoing preparations, but it will open soon. Everyone must support more okay
Heard that there might even be advertisements about it, I didn't even know before this keke
But, I still am going to do it!! Because I am Representative Park.
The weather is cold, everyone take care not to catch a cold~


This is Representative Park.

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