SS501 Korean Fan Club [SS601] ~ Kyu Jong’s 24th Birthday Event

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Happy 24th Birthday KyuJong
☆ All My Love For KyuJong ☆

If one could thaw what the winter has left us, no one would be more suitable than Kyu-Jong,
and like spring his birthday is fast approaching.
He has always wanted to be a messenger of happiness with his warm heart and even warmer smile.
As we eagerly wait to see how he will mark 2010 his untainted passion
that resembles the sunlight on an early Spring morning and
hope that this event will bring out the support and enthusiasm from the fans.
Kyu-Jong, the eternal Center of SS501, as we celebrate his 24th birthday;
now is the time for us to share what we were holding dear in our hearts with him.
It is an opportunity to show not only our everlasting love for him
but undying support that forever bond us together even when we are apart.
Again, we want to show this cherished hearts on a postcard that is unique to our star
that equals the exceptionality in his characters that he has shown.
As we prepare for this event, we have no doubt that it will hold a very special meaning to our star
when he receives not only the hearts and thoughts from the fans
but to receive it on the one-and-only postcards from the fans.
No one can duplicate the hearts you hold for him, so lets take this time to express those to him.

How to participate?
This event should be very personal not only to Kyu-jong but as well as to you who is making it.
Please remember that you are sending him a one-and-only postcard from YOU!!
How to decorate and what to write on the postcard is up to you:
make it personal with pictures, letters, stories you want to tell him…make it creative!!


Please refer to the postcard that is posted on the 601 website for a reference on the standardized postcard.
You can check with your local post offices to obtain a standardized postcard for your country.
You can send in a number of postcards,
however try to limit the size of each postcard to a manageable one, ex: 5×3 index card.
Remember to put the postcard in a separate envelope
with your email address on a separate piece of paper when you mail it to us.
We will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of you mail.

Korean Postcard example:

The deadline : 2010. 2. 19.
Our Address Post code : 606-012
Busan Yeongdo Post Office, Daegyo-dong 2-ga ,Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea
P.O.B Box No. 12.
※ You want to ask us, please send an email.

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