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Playful Kiss' official YT channel is open for your subscription. They have already uploaded some videos but they aren't something we haven't seen before. I remember they mentioned about special "internet" episodes or webisodes for this drama. I thought they will be released alongside the airing of the official drama, but it seems that they will be uploaded later on. So better subscribe now and leave your comments to show your support to wuri Hyun Joong.

Playful Kiss YouTube channel

Credits to Playful Kiss YouTube channel + (English translation) wonderrrgirl

Are you anxious for Playful Kiss Sequel? It's still not over yet.
Everyone's idea of a Playful Kiss special edition channel is popular, so this has been created.
Subscribe to Playful Kiss YouTube Channel and leave a personal introduction at the channel comments, (notice?) will be added at twitter @youtubekorea after it is uploaded.  Please note the italics~ this means I myself abit confused >< And what's more.. it's the most important part! T.T Not so sure what they mean for those parts, and not sure why the prize thing is only written in Korean. Hopefully overseas fans can somehow participate too.
Participate and many products will be provided.

Period: 2010 October 11 ~ 2010 October 25

- First: Youtube Special Edition Preview Ticket (2 tickets) with the Jangki Cast + All the cast's autograph signature on Drama album OST CD + JangKi T-shirt + Flip Camera (1 Person)
-Second: All the cast's autograph signature on drama album OST CD + Poster + Jangki T-shirt + Flip Camera (5 person)
-prize for ideas: All the cast's autograph signature on drama album OST CD + JangKi T-shirt (50 person)
-Jangki prizes: Flip camera (5 person): Please leave the most/many comments for the channel
-Prizewinner announcement: will be announced on 2010 October 29 (Friday) at Playful Kiss YouTube special edition channel.

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