[10/10] Fan Account of Playful Kiss on 9th Oct

Credits to 卡哇依瑶瑶 / BAIDU HYUNBAR + (English translation) bb @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Went to MBC filming studio for HyunBar's fan support activity today.

Mrs Kyu and I reached the studio just before 5pm,
and we moved the fan support items into the lobby,
thereafter, we just sat on the chairs near the washroom in the lobby.
In the midst of our chatting and giggling,
we suddenly saw Eun-Jo dongseung walk out of the washroom,
his real-life mom was holding on to him.
Dongseung's really cute,
and the drama team seems to love playing with him;
some pinched his face, some carried him and started turning in circles,
even Cody noona who's always with Hyun Joong hugged Eun Jo from behind and just walked around like that~~

A few minutes later, whilst we're still immersed in dongseung's cuteness,
we saw curly-haired Hyun Joong walk out of the washroom with big strides~~
He was holding the script in his hand.
At that point, I was holding up my cellphone, trying to figure out how to work the recording function,
and he just appeared in my viewfinder unexpectedly...
Honestly, I was somewhat taken aback and didn't know how to react.
Hyun Joong had the leisurely saunter of some high-ranking official,
he's even wearing flipflops...
From the beginning all the way to the end, I was looking at him through my cellphone screen,
and then he suddenly turned to look at Mrs Kyu and me
and started humming some lyrics, 'baby~~ I love you~~' in a very relaxed manner.
We remained calm and watched the man walk inside somewhere in the right (of the lobby).
It was only then that we recovered and collected our senses.
Mrs Kyu turned towards me; we exchanged looks,
Okie, I'll admit that we were overly cool, overly collected...

The short period of time that followed,
we saw Hyun Joong walk here and there a few times.
Each time, he would look over at us and our eyes would meet
and then he would walk in his leisurely (and very at home) gait into the studio.

During one of those times,
the man walked out wearing one of the MVIO suits that Cody noona had brought in...
I just could not remain calm anymore as I was watching him,
then later, I saw Cody noona chasing after him hurriedly with a belt.
We then realised that he had come out without the belt just now...
En, right, our man, you're indeed like this...

And there was another time when Hyun Joong walked past the entrance.
Cody noona was worried about the fans outside filming or taking pics of him,
and used the piece of paper in her hand to cover his face.
But we had the advantage of sitting on the inside and we're not blocked at all,
so Hyun Joong glanced straight into my cellphone camera once as I was filming him,
and then he proceeded to walk into the studio very quickly...

Just before Hyun Joong was about to wrap up filming,
we received his autograph for HyunBar, it was signed on the handheld banner~~
(Will post that later~)

Then Hyun Joong, all dressed in white, left the studio~
We too started to leave.
But we heard that Hyun Joong would be heading for the next location set,
so we followed.

When we got there, we saw the manager, and we walked over to his side.
We saw Hyun Joong who was tidying up in the car.
Coz the car was lighted from the inside, so we could see him very clearly,
the man must have been changing...

Later, whilst the staff was preparing the set,
Hyun Joong just remained at the alley, memorising his lines from the script the whole time.
At first, he was just walking in straight lines,
then he started walking in circles,
and then the manager started tailing behind Hyun Joong and both were turning in circles...
It was a very comical sight~~~
Hyun Joong would occasionally look over at where the few of us were standing~~
But he didn't really care and would sometimes do a flying kick
and then he would walk over to the notice board to study the neighbourhood map
(he really was studying it very seriously...)

And then Jung So Min arrived,
and Hyun Joong went inside a laundry shop for makeup.

They're filming all rain scenes today..
To be honest, Seoul gets quite cold in the night,
and the man still had to bear the rain.. the entire filming process was endlessly long...

Hyun Joong's first rain scene took a long time filming,
and Hyun Joong was yawning alot.
Though everyone thought he looked really cute like that,
we also could not bear to see him all tired out...

But during one of the touch-up sessions,
Hyun Joong's antics totally cracked us up~~
In order to accommodate Cody noona's (lack of) height,
Hyun Joong 'twisted' his body and bent his legs,
and then looked up at Cody noona (like a very good boy) for her to touch-up his makeup.
He had maintained this stance for some 20 secs(?)~

Later, I got to witness the countless kiss and hugs... unfortunately...
coz they had to test a few times before the actual filming...
Hyun Joong's hands were feeling all over Jung So Min's head,
in search of the right angles to position the hands...
As we were looking on at the kiss scene, we were all so affected and unable to keep cool,
but even then, we could only watch on and suffer and struggle within ourselves in silence...
Oh alrighty, I'd even looked for an angle so that I could watch the filming perfectly!
My facial expressions literally froze as I watched on...
You guys can just watch for yourselves when the episode airs...
Suffice to say the man came on very strongly...

At around 3:40am, filming ended.
Hyun Joong who was totally drenched by the rain got into the car,
all wrapped up in a gigantic blankie.
He just stayed in the seat behind the driver's seat,
seems like he was trying to warm himself up quickly.
Cody noona had quickly adjusted the temperature the moment she got into the car.

At the end, everyone was just waving goodbye to Hyun Joong beside the car.
We were watching the filming for about four hours by then,
Mrs Kyu and I too went on our way home, all worn out...

Once again, we lament at how tight and hectic the filming schedule is..
Hope that Hyun Joong would be careful about his health~

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