[14/10] Hyung Jun’s Exclusive Interview at his own JP site

Credits to kimhyungjun.jp + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

It’s a Question&Answer session, and most of the questions and his answers are similar to the recent interview on 20101008 Mnet. So not much translation would be given for this clip

Q1: What kind of musical is [Cafe In]?
Q2: What is the character you would be acting?
Q3. How do you feel since it is your first musical challenge?
Q4. What kind of preparations have you done to be a (musical) actor?
Q5. The chemistry with the female lead is important, is the interactions between two of you going well?
Q6.As the producer, did Kang Ji Hwan help you out in any way?
Q7. Have you been in touch with SS501 members?
(To which he answers, everyone is busy. Jung Min once told him that if he needed help, Hyung Jun should contact him, but our Hyung Jun didn’t, because he didn’t think he needed help! kekeke…and that other members are happy for him to be doing his own musical)

Q8.What would you do if you fail on stage?
(He said he will smoke through….)

Q9. For the first performance of [Cafe.In], who would you like to invite?
(He answered that firstly, he would invite the producer Kang JiHwan and would like to invite his parents, KiBum and members of SS501. He wish that all 5 members could gather together for once… And he would also like to invite staff from his new company as well. Not forgetting those fans who have sign up with the JP tour groups as well as other fans. There are only 400 seats per performance, so it would be good if all 400 seats are filled.)

Q10. Message to fans
I, Kim Hyung Jun has started participating in the musical as part of my solo activities and the first public performance would be on 24 November at SamSeong-dong Baekam Arts Hall. Hope you would look forward to it and come and have a fun time together. It’s a large stage. I’m going on to a large stage. Please give me your support. I would be happy if everyone can come and enjoy the show.

Musical [Cafe In] Fighting! Kim Hyung Jun, too, Fighting! Everyone fighting!


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