[10/10] Hyun Joong is No 4 whom people want to do voluntary work together with

Credits to vop.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

Singer Lee Seung-gi and actress Kim Tae-hee are the Male No.1 and Female No.1 entertainer whom people want to do voluntary work together with.

Education management business organization Eduwill carried out a 2-weeks long of survey from September 13 to September 26 targeting towards 1,072 interviewees who participated in the cultural event performance. In the end, Lee Seung-gi came out with 59.7% of votes, while Kim Tae Hee came out with 57.9% of votes.

In the male category, right after Lee Seung-gi came Won-bin and No Hong-chul at 12.9% and 12.0% respectively. Behind them came Kim Hyun-joong at 9.3% and Nickhun at 6.1%.

In the female category, after Kim Tae-hee came Shin Min-ah at 21.0% in 2nd place, and Shin Se-kyung at 9.9%, and SNSD's Seohyun at 8.2%, f(x) Sulli at 3.0%, garnering some spots for girl group representatives.

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