[16/10] Kyu Jong's message at DSP site

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KyuJong, "It's been a long time ^^!'
2010-10-16 1:10:24 PM

Hi!! How is everyone..?^^

Hm..Seems like autumn is already here.. Please be careful not to catch a flu..T
Ayoo Flu virus is really strong..!!
Even though sometimes I conveyed news (about myself) through a place called twitter, but it's been a long time since I left a message in official homepage~

Isn't that right?!^^ Members are currently working hard for their individual schedules/work and you know that they are spending their time working dilligently right?! Please give them lots of support and treat them really really well ^^

Even though you might have seen it through news articles, YoungSaeng hyung and I are in the midst of preparing, and so please look forward to it and support us~

I studied alot and met alot of nice people, also looking back once again at the time spent back then
I am having an enjoyable time ^^
I believe that our pretties are also spending a good time ^^!!!

Now I'll be turning 25 years old soon.. Euaak HyunJoong hyung and YoungSaeng hyung will be 26..!!

Time flies really fast isn't it?!^^ Let's spend the fast flying time preciously~~
Yoohoo!!!! Everyone don't fall sick and eat well.. I hope that you will always spend each and every day filled with smiles~

Well then, bye bye...hee^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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