[13/10] SS501’s Park Jung Min collapses due to fatigue

Credits to asiae + hypermaniac@allkpop

While working his way through a severe overseas schedule, SS501’s Park Jung Min collapsed with fatigue on October 12th and was forced to be hospitalized.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Park Jung Min collapsed after he let go of the stress and anxiety that had been building up inside of him for months. Representatives of the hospital reported that he was ordered to take plenty of rest; consequently, the talent will be recovering at his own home for the time being.

Park Jung Min’s representatives stated, “With all of the contracts finally being signed, it seems as if his body has finally taken in all of the stress involved. He had a high fever at the hospital with an intense fatigue, but will now be taking time off to rest.”

Park Jung Min is currently due for a comeback on November 25th, and is scheduled to appear for fan meetings on the 27th.

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