Kim Hyung Jun Diary Message 20100827 12:52:17

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안녕하세요~ 오랜만이네요 완두콩!

요즘 날씨가 너무덥죠, 비가 많이오고 했는데도 계속 더위가 오래가네요.

전 김형준의 뮤직하이!!!!!!!!!!!!와 여러가지 방송도 준비하고있구.

여러가지 쇼케이스 준비도 하고있어요, 후핫

이제 정말 더 멋진모습으로 새로운 도약을 하려합니다.

나에게, 힘을 실어줄수 있죠? 항상 고마워요. 정말

더 열심히하고, 처음의 마음가짐 잊지 않는 ,초심의 자세로 더 낮은자세로

배우고 발전하고 더 멋진모습으로 보답하는 김형준 될께요.

정말 너무 고맙고. 쌀람해요. 알죠^-^

우리 모두 더 열심히 할꺼니까, 기대해줘요

Forever SS501. and Triple S .


Annyonghaseyo~ It's been some time, green peas!

The weather's really hot these days isn't it, though it's been raining alot too, the heat's been remaining for a long time now.

I've been preparing for various broadcasts and of course "Kim Hyung Jun's Music High" too.

Been preparing for various showcases, huat

Now, I'm really gonna have my brand new leap forward with a more amazing me.

You will give me strength, won't you? Thank you always. Really

I'll work harder, and will not forget my initial determination, the beginning me who began out at a much lower status than now

I'll become the Kim Hyung Jun who will learn well so as to develop better and repay you all.

Really truly thank you. I love you. You know don't you ^-^

All of us will work harder, so keep anticipating

Forever SS501. and Triple S.

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