[26/08] ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Kim HyunJoong “Kiss scene with Jung SoMin, Awkward”

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Kim HyunJoong of MBC Wed-Thu Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, revealed that the kiss scene with Jung SoMin was awkward.

Kim HyunJoong revealed his thoughts about the kiss scene with Jung SoMin at ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Production Press Conference held on 26-Aug afternoon at Imperial Palace Hotel at NonHyun-dong, Seoul.

Kim HyunJoong said “I have only seen Jung SoMin a few times and had to film the kiss scene during the beginning of the drama filming, it seems like it was awkward. Because of the awkwardness, it seems like the scene was more natural. I didn’t want think it is a mischievous kiss like the title.”

In the drama, Kim HyunJoong acts as Baek SeungJo, a pretty boy genius who will learn 100 things if you just teach him 1 and acquire knowledge 100 times faster than others, he is a cold and dull charismatic guy who is indifferent to all things.

Kim HyunJoong said about his own role “He is more of a blunt untactful person than rude, so I expressed with an aggressive attitude. I was quieter and have a soft image when I acted as ‘BOF’ Yoon JiHoo, this time round I have to shout away noisily and have a wreaked image, I think it will be interesting to watch.”

Kim HyunJoong replied to the question on which character he is more similar to between ‘BOF’ JiHoo sunbae and ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Baek SeungJo, “Both characters are unrealistic since they are originally comic characters, both characters are different from me. You should be able to see more of bubbly lines/scripts than feeling it is conventional.” He expressed the anticipations.

’Mischievous Kiss’ by Kim HyunJoong, Jung SoMin, Lee TaeSung, etc, will succeed ‘Road No. 1’ and start airing on 1-Sep.

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