[23/08] BOF Alumni Event Wrap-up

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Kim Hyun Joong ended the 'Boys over Flowers' alumni event in big success.

On August 21 in a particular hotel in town of Tokyo, Kim Hyun Joong had carried out several interviews with several significant Japanese presses.

Following after 'Boys over Flowers' success, Kim Hyun Joong has went on to take on the lead role in similar manga-adapted drama 'Playful Kiss', and because of that, during his stay in Japan all the while, he's been receiving much attention from the media and fans for that.

Kim Hyun Joong's popularity and fame could thus be proved with the strong curiosity coming from media presses asking about his drama shooting schedules, future career plans, and of course along with many other questions.

After that, Kim Hyun Joong attended to the 'Boys over Flowers - Alumni event' with fellow cast mates Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum, Kim Jun at Osaka Grand Cube Hall on 18th, and then to Tokyo International Forum on 21st. In both the two sessions on the 21st Aug at 3pm and 7pm respectively, a total of more than 10K audiences filled the audience seats, leaving out none at all, which once again proved the solidity of HyunJoong's high popularity.

At the event, in order to repay fans who went to fill the venue with all kinds of placards imprinted with HyunJoong's name and pictures to show him support, he managed to spin some hours of meaningful time with them amidst the amiable atmosphere. He also shared interesting behind the scenes stories of shooting for Boys over Flowers back then and also his current drama 'Playful Kiss'.

A related Japanese media personnel who made his way to the alumni event expressed, "Kim Hyun Joong is an artist who is receiving large amount of attention right now with his status as the Hanryu star of the next generation. I'm looking forward to seeing his active and more full-fledged activities in not just Japan and Korea where he's starring as an actor for Playful Kiss, but also in each asian country".

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong who will return to Korea on 22 Aug will head straight back into shooting for drama 'Playful Kiss'. His new MBC Wed-Thurs mini-series drama 'Playful Kiss' will air on September 1.

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