[26/08] Young Saeng posted a few US trip photos in his Cyworld

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Aren't these photos cute? I know somebody would make a comment again regarding Kyu's getup in the first photo. Aigoo, this boy ah! Really can't use his clothing as point of reference when identifying dates (kekeke). Can a Kyu girlfriend be nice and burn those plaid shirts? I got this from iamsom that on the first page of Young Saeng's cy (in storyroom) something is written: 'Good thing will happen'

Credits to YoungSaeng@Cyworld + TripleSThailand@Twitter

Credits to YoungSaeng@Cyworld + (English Translation) crazynoona

Title: 디즈니랜드 [Disneyland]

디즈니 랜드 안으로는 못갔지만..
그 앞에까지 갔다…ㅋㅋ

Everybody smile~~^—–^*

[Instead of going inside Disneyland]
[I just stayed in front..ke ke]

[Everybody smile~~^-----^* ]

Title: 경롓!! [Attention!!]

첨에 경례하는지 알고 경롓!! 했는데..

규종이가 날 따라했다…


Steven : 어? 포즈 정하고 찍는거였어?
YS : 엥? 너 나 따라했어?
규종 : 응~~ 헤헤~
YS : 근데 경례가 아니였네;; 쳇!


[Initially I wanted to salute Attention!! But..
KyuJong was copying me...]


[Steven: oh? the post was pre-arranged?]
[YS: Ayng? (something like an exclaimation sound) You were copying me?]
[KyuJong: Eung~~ (Sound to say "yeah") he he~]
[YS: But this is not a salute;; Chet (a sound exclaimation)!]


Posted on the Message Board:
Title:주절주절.. [Etc etc..]

이제는 글쓸때도 없네..ㅋㅋ
어느덧 비밀싸이도.. 다들 알아가는거 같고..;;
확~ 공개 해버릴까 하다가..ㅡㅡ
그냥 다들 알아서 잘 들어오니까…ㅋ 안할라고~
그냥.. 해킹하려고만 안하면.. 싸이 안없앨거야..어차피..
여자사진이라든가.. 특별한 사진 같은거 없어~

요번에 일본갔다오구.. L.A 갔다오구.. 사실은 잠깐 라스베가스도 갔었고..
다들 궁금할거야…?ㅋㅋ 뭐하고 놀았는지…ㅋ
일본은 사진 찍은게 하나도 없어서…ㅠㅠ 그냥 거기선 무쟈게 놀았지모..
미쿡에서는.. 기념 남길려고 사진도 많이 찍고..
무엇보다 관광을 열심히 했음…^^
108층 높이에서 번지점프하는거…. 실제로 보았다!!!ㅋㅋ
난 이해가 안가더라..ㅡㅡ 돈주고 왜 목숨을 거는지..;;

다들 또.. 궁금할거야…?
나랑 규종이는 어떻게 되는지…ㅋㅋ

나두 몰라~~~ 어떻게 될지는…
하지만.. 잘될거 같아~~ 뭐든간에…
기대만 하고 있으라구!! 많이는 말구~~

트위터라는게 요즘 유행이라는데.. 난 어떻게 하는지 도무지 모르겠더라..;;
그래서.. 아직도 싸이를…^^

모.. 암튼.. 넘 궁금해 하지말드라구~~
궁금하다고.. 사생활 침해하려고 들지도 말구~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
내가 보고 싶을때…. 완전 보고 싶을때…
아~~ 무대에서 노래하고 춤추는 모습 보고싶다~~~ 라는 생각이 들때…
그때.. 아마 내가 춤을추며 노래하고 있을거야…
나 공연하면서.. 마이크 남주기 싫어한 사람이야!! 이런사람이야~~ㅋㅋ
분명 이글을 보고.. 댓글에.. 지금 보고싶어!! 라고 하는 사람 있을거야..ㅡㅡ

욕심쟁이!! 우훗훗!!!

조급해 하지 않고.. 여유를 갖고.. 시간이 흘러가는대로… 있다보면..
좋은 일이 있을거야…^^

Now don’t even have a space for me to write..ke ke

Don’t know since when my supposedly secret cyworld… everyone seems to know it already..;
Then~ thought of just opening it to the public.. –
But everyone seems to visit on their own..ke then don’t open publicly~
Just…don’t hack my password.. otherwise will close cyworld..
Anyway… girls’ pictures.. special pictures.. there are none~

Recently, went to Japan… went to L.A. .. actually also went to Las Vegas for a short period..
Everyone is curious right…? ke ke What did we do.. ke
In Japan, didn’t even take a single photo…ㅠㅠ Just went there to play to our hearts’ content.
In US.. took many memorable photos..
Most importantly, we toured extensively…^ ^
Saw bungee jumping from 108 storey…. with my own eyes!!! ke ke
I cannot comprehend.. – - why spend money to risk your life..;

Everyone is still…curious about what..?
What will happen to KyuJong and I.. keke
I also don’t know~~what will become of us..
But..seems like will work out smoothly~~everything..
I’ll let you all anticipate!! But not too much~~

Twitter seems to be very popular.. I still cannot figure out how to use..;;
So..still stuck with cyworld… ^^
Annoying annoying~~

Mo (A sound)..anyway.. don’t be too curious~~
Do not be curious…and invade my privacy~~ ke ke ke ke ke
When you miss me…. when you miss me very much…
Ah~~when you miss watching me performing on the stage~~ that time…
During that time… I might already be dancing and singing already..
When I’m performing…I don’t like to pass my mic to others!!! I’m such a person~~ ke ke
Surely people who want to see me.. will leave comments.. I miss you now!! There are such people .. – -

Greedy monsters!! Wohoho!

Don’t be anxious… Take a break ..As time…goes by..
there will be good news… ^^

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  1. Realy really love this photos of him/them. He is cute in here.^^
    (Ah, you always will here CUTE in relation with him, that's what nearly everyone writes... Somehow this gets on my nerves too... is there no other word to describe him? ... Kekeke, but he IS CUTE, I can't deny that.^^)

    Good thing will happen hm? Ah, anticipating this.