SS501 Park Jung Min new message and Jung Min’s replies

English Translation:

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English Translation:

Today..? No, Yesterday, very very very~ thank you..!!
Our TripleS was the most amazingly cool ones..!! hhh

I'm going to shoot the music video now~
and because of that, I was rehearsing my cheoreography and that's why I came
Chest pain? and head pain throughout my lying on bed and I can't sleep, so I left this piece.

Today's memories, I will never forget nyo~~ ^0^*
Will stand on this gigantic stage again like this, right? We~~?^^

Will shoot a beautiful music video smoothly~~

Goodnight~~! (Korean)
Oyasumi~ (with japanese romaji)~
Wang an! (with mandarin romanji)
Goodnight! (with english romaji)

English Translation:

Who is this kikiru12 friend whom I know.. Goodnight. [JM]

hh Thank you~ All of you are thankyou grandmothers!! [JM]

Oh a female yo~!! Because the chest pain and headache keeps persisting, but will do well!! [JM]

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