[28/05] Hyung Jun sent a Mass Mobile Message

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Hi, friends!!
Hyung Joon just sent his message to TripleS and also attached his new photo which is shown for new album jacket.
I was so surprised when I checked his message. At the same time, I was curious how he knew my phone number. hahahhah. I found out I've ever sent UFO town message to my boys before.

It has been sent at 10:26 AM in this morning.

[형준] 우리 트리플!! 우리 기다리느라 목 빠진거 아니지??^^ 빨리 만나고 싶었는데 좀더 멋진 노래만들라구해서 쫌 늦어졌네? 우리 기다린만큼 이번 앨범도 많이 사랑해주기~~~^^

[Hyung Joon] Our TripleS!! Aren't you tired of waiting for us? ^^ We couldn't wait to see you but it took a time to make better music. Please love our new album as much as you wait for us.~~ ^^

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  1. sorry !!!
    could you tell me the ss501 messages's html