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English Translation:

We will meet soon.. . . . 2010-05-24 오전 9:35:23

Thank you..^ ^ Thank you !!

But also rained…?? Haven’t see our pretties from the stage for a long time.

Our ever pretties..Our members are really really thankful…on the other hand, we are also very sorry

But ..^ ^ We had a great time! ^ ^

Really!! How was “Let me be the one”?!

Em..We put all our hearts in the song. 쑥쓰럽지만.. ^ ^; hee

Us 501, We’ll jump out.. ^ ^

Not much time left..We will reciprocate with great performances...!! Understand?!?!?!

We, 501, are amazing ㅎㅎ !! We will be there to listen to our pretties!

Ready to set-off. Ahh excited…Still nervous as ever..

We will meet soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

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