Purchase Digital Love Ya on June 07 - 11

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Overseas TS, have you bought the digital copy yet? If you don't know how, here's the instructions to guide you to your purchase of the latest SS501 album Destination. To help the boys will the mutizen award on their second week, overseas TripleS has decided to buy the digital Love Ya between these dates 07 - 11 June. You want the bys to win at Music Bank and Inkigayo? Then join us in the purchase on the said period. Please read through the entire poster.

Since you'd be allowed to download more songs, it is suggested not to download new songs of other artists that were also released at the same time as the boys album. Old songs are okay, like DBSK (kekeke). If you need help, just holler over at Twitter or email Reena. You can also send your email to Yen4KHJ at gmail dot com. 

Credits to reena29shadow@Twitter (yes the subber)

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