Young Saeng to Appear on KNTV Premium 2010 Spring Christmas Party

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It's far from Christmas right? But this is related to that drama "Will it Snow on Christmas" aired late last year where our "trying to be a bad boy" Otter Prince sang a lovely song for its OST. He will be appearing in a special event to promote this drama in Japan.

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Young Saeng will be appearing on「KNTV Premium 2010~Spring Christmas Party~」!!

●Date: 29th April (Thursday)
●Venue: Shinjuku Bunka Center Big Hall
●Entrance Time: 15:00 /Starting Time: 16:00
●Introducing Program 『Will it snow on Christmas?』
On 20th March, KN Television will start a new drama 『Will it snow on Christmas?』and Young Saeng who has participate in the Original Soundtrack will be joining the Spring Christmas Party~☆

Details can be found below.

For this time, the Fanclub will be inviting 30 fans for this event.
Please wait a while more for details.

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