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SS501 Graffiti Room

Exclusive Interview
Yes, it's here, after the previous time Jung Min solo design, this round we change it to a group work. See! Each of our Hong Kong trip will bring us extremely a lot of surprises. After a few months and gather in this piece of open land, the result of fully relax is the topic became more trivial. Luckily, all the details has been kept in our eyes, prepare yourself for it everybody!

Jung Min's graffiti (Top left)
After the previous summer interview's 'Cool Music' 3D logo, this time Jung Min continued to present us with his brand new art piece - 'Cool Music' - Winter snow version. This time Jung Min other than continuing to hold his increasing passion in creation, he even try to give our little friend Hyung Jun some tips, this piece of artwork was completed in between the bickering and boisterous fun.

Hyun Joong's graffiti (Top Middle)
Hyun Joong whom all the while giving others the impression that even when he is alone he also can have fun, during signing he was humming something weirdly, sounded very low and playful sound, seemingly like trying to mimic some ajussi talking. However even when we tried to hold up our ears to listen for more than half a day we could not understand what he said.... (Could it be the legendary alien language?!) After talking for a while, he started to laugh. What we can't understand was we specifically requested everybody to write "To Cool Music", but he must change it to "From: Hyun Joong". Ok! We are totally defeated!

Hyung Jun's graffiti (Top right)
The biggest issue when signing happened here. Hyung Jun gorgeously wrote wrongly a sentence, but Cool only brought 6 signature boards (One was even written wrongly by Jung Min), so we suggested: "Just sign at the back". When we thought the incident was fully resolved, Jung Min pointed to Hyung Jun's signature board and laugh until his whole body was like shivering, "What happened??" The others who were curious look over, and discovered............ Hyung Jun has carefully draw a black box over the sentence which he had wrote wrongly, drew an arrow beside it and grievancely gave some captions for that sentence (very difficult to figure out). Finally, after studying it for a while all of them had figured out what it was: "This is rock seaweed, really delicious~~!"
Hyung Jun ah, we can't help but say, You. Are. Really. Childish!

Jung Min 1st graffiti (Bottom Left)
Because during interview Cool used Chinese, Korean and also Japanese, causing our 'Language Expert' Jung Min also had moments of confusion. During the first time when he signed, he accidentally write in Japanese 'Happy New Year', he even drew a Kappa (River child, a type of water spirit found in Japanese folklore). This is the drawing.

Jung Min's 2nd signature (Bottom 2nd)
Ok, we admit you are really the genious 'Park Linguistic'. In the 2nd round of signature, the chinese version was created, he had written '福' naturally and spontaneously. This person is indeed not simple.

Young Saeng's signature (Bottom 3rd)
Yougn Saeng's signature is unexceptionally smooth sailing. Full of scholar aura, his handwritting is neat and tiny. At this moment, his personal character can be set as 'Broadcasting' state.

Kyu Jong's signature (Bottom Right)
Kyu Jong's signature remained to be full of care and warmth. Other than revealing that SS501 is the 'BEST' in his heart, of course also want to convey his Happy New Year greetings to everybody!

Err..... Not allow to turn on lights in the class room?!
SS501 interview this round was also not easily come by, after verifying with Stone (Editor) who was working in Beijing until half dead and also after umpteen times of reminder to Stone and finally everything was settled. However..... However!! All media who went for the interview on that day received a shocking information - since the press conference was delayed, the exclusive interview and phototaking time was cancelled! Ah, the high tech equipment which we had loan, our filming plans, our specially invited camera man ah..... in just a split moment turned into ash and our feelings was dropped to the bottom of the valley. "Oh! Long time never seen (head slanted aside) !!!" Luckily Jung Min's nice greeting became the live saver of Cool's feelings, here, we would like to specially expressed our thanks (bow). So, if now you have some dissatisfaction over the quality of the photographs, please do not beat us, spitting saliva was also not allowed, this was definitely a surprised, please see that we have came back from the long journey and together with all these information, do forgive us. It was said that when Stone was trying to select pictures, he had already used his head to knock at the monitor until bleeding.

Cool: Coming back with the new album, what is your greatest feeling?
Hyun Joong: This album preparation process was very tedious, some incidents had happened, and the album was delayed for 2 months. Because a lot of fans were anticipating for this album, so the sales of the album is very good (smile), here I would like to specially thank our fans who have waited for us. Haha

Cool: After so long then come back, is there any new and fresh changes?
Hyun Joong: We had prepared this album for very long, coming back to the Korean singing circle our feeling was of course a little different. Realized that I had already debut for 5 years. When going to film for programs, the seniors were reducing but juniors have increased, and we have became the seniors. Therefore, in the beginning was not very used to it. However, because of that, infront of our juniors, felt that we must work even harder than previously, must have the panic feeling then it is alright, Must give a good start.

Cool: [Love Like This] after participating in music programs, won the champion quite fast in various music programs. How do you feel?
Hyun Joong: This round the album preparation was really very tedious, having such a good sales for the album and also after getting everybody's support, we won the 1st position, really very thank you. Because of the long empty period, during these period we had been doing individual activities, so when we won the champion as a group, we were even happier. This time we also won some nomination for prizes in Hong Kong. Being loved in various places in Asia, we will definitely work even harder to repay everybody in future.

Cool: SS501 has debut for 5 years as idols. No matter what, after progressing for so long, there's a need to make a breakthrough. SS501 members, do you feel that you have found the breakthrough point?
Hyun Joong: No only being an idol group, as an artist, I felt that we have needs to continuously making progress. In order to make more people like the album, we will continue to work hard. The idol now and last time has great changes. Unlike last time, singer idols only need to concentrate on the singing market, the current need is for an all rounder artist, other than singing and dancing, also must be a DJ, also must have acting skills...... allowing ourself to continue to progress, allowing everybody to see your multi-talents. Continuously upgrade ourself, this is considered some breakthrough.

Cool: Asia Tour is a total conclusion for your previous hard work, after the Asia Tour has completed, what is your plan?
Hyun Joong: I want to go America
Cool: (Shocked) Why?
Hyun Joong: (shaking the upper half body and swaying his body & head) I have a friend... in Americas.... also recently... he told me he has no money.....
Everybody: ..............
Hyun Joong: Pst! So, I must go over to save him, hahaha
Young Saeng: I wish to go oversea, example to Italy to learn fashion, to Americas to learn singing, dance. To learn some new things back.
Kyu Jong: I also wish to go to tour, because when going oversea together with other members , it was mostly for work, entirely have no extra time to play. So during resting time, I wish to go tour, and also spend more time with my family members.
Hyung Jun: I wish to rest. During resting time will try to write lyrics and compose songs, thinking of writing good songs to repay my fans. (humming)
Jung Min: My business with my friend was exposed recently
Cool: Ah, is the online mall right?
Jung Min: Yes, was exposed so became official and has started to work on it.
Cool: What are you selling?
Jung Min: Mainly targeting ladies as main consumers. The actual plan was not fixed yet but wish to put up something side goods to sell in the internet. After getting the proceed of the sales, I will used it to help needy people. I wish to try this out.

Cool: In variety shows, even when asking you to say each other's good points, most of the time, you would change it into digging each others bad points, revealing these won't affect the relationship among members?
Hyun Joong: I won't mind
Jung Min & Hyung Jun & Kyu Jong: Me too
Young Saeng: Won't get angry, because knowing that it was for the effect of the program.

Cool: For this album activity, seen that everybody is actively performed like normal, all of your entertainment sense are quite high! Please grade each others.
Hyun Joong: If need to grade, I feel somebody among us were not suitable to go to varity show....
Hyung Jun: (softly) Young Saeng Hyeong! Young Saeng Hyeong!
Hyun Joong: Most not suitable is.............. Hyung Jun!!!!
Everybody: Hahahahahahahhaha!
Hyung Jun: (Was shocked and opened his eyes widely) Omo~!
Hyun Joong: Actually, most suitable to go variety show is Young Saeng, because what he said usually would not be cut, and mostly will be broadcast. As for Hyung Jun, half of his speech will usually being cut off and will not be broadcast. (Jung Min has already laughed until cramp) Em.... anyway............. Hyung Jun's words are boring!!
All: Hahahahahahahaha!!!! (Laughing loudly!)
Hyung Jun: Ah, really, what you want ah, I can't stand it!
Hyun Joong: Hahahahahaha.... (Ignoring!)
Hyung Jun: I have been working very hard in programs, but the result is not so good............

Cool: Ok, don't be sad. You did quite well! Now it is your turn to give your comments on the rest of the members!
Hyung Jun: I love all of our members, so I felt everybody are exceptional.
Jung Min: (Using Japanese to rebut) You don't listen to him, I can't get along with him.
Hyung Jun: Ah!!!!! (Send his fist)
Jung Min: What are you doing! I am saying good points about you!!!
Hyung Jun: You are bluffing me!!!
Jung Min: Hahahahaha...............! (send his fist)

Cool: Hyung Jun really suffered sitting in between of Hyun Joong and Jun Ming. Jung Min ah, don't bully Hyung Jun anymore
Jung Min: Ok~ (Turning into Park Nice)
Hyung Jun: You all really bully me too much..... bo ho ho ho ho

Cool: Coming to Hong Kong during this trip, is there any changes?
Hyun Joong: The Hong Kong Concert this time is the last big scale performance for 5 of us this year. As the ending for this year, we are honoured to come to Hong Kong to present our stage. Hope that our fans and Hong Kong friends will receive a lot of happiness next year. Next year we will present our new album to all of you, showing a completely new and charming image . When we return to hold our concert again, please continue to support us!

Cool: Asia Tour already conducted for 4 rounds, is there any interesting behind the scene incidents to share with everybody?
Jung Min: Because singing for so many concerts, already get used to the concert, feeling better emotionally, even can eat in between performance (smile).

Cool: Shanghai solo was very well prepared. But everytime when the elevator was lowering down it was really slow, Hyun Joong who took away your tops must be freezing right?
All: Hahahahahahaha.... (Laughing loudly)
Hyun Joong: During that performance everybody can feel that the elevators were very cool. Actually when preparing behind, the space was very narrow, it was low and dark. Very easily knocked and got hurt. However, everytime although felt very pain under stage, but when above stage must show the most charming look to everybody, so comical. As for whether it was cold or not, weren't Korea colder than Shanghai (smile shyly), after getting used to Korea's temperature, felt that Shanghai's weather was just nice. No sweat but when the wind blew it was quite cold.
Hyung Jun: Hahahahahha! (Laughing all in a sudden, could it be he was trying to revenge)

Cool: What do you have to say to your China fans for new year?
Kyu Jong: In the new year I hope everybody will continue to give us your full love. 2010 we will release our new album, some of the members will go acting, showing everybody more different images. Wishes everybody to have good health, do not fall sick.
Young Saeng: I hope everybody have unending fortunes and happiness. Although we came less often, but you have given us all of your love & care, really thankful to you, hope in future will often often often come to China and having more interaction with everybody. Hope everybody will love us even more.
Hyun Joong: Although not having a lot of chances to always come to China, but for all of our fans who had quietly supported us, thanks to all of you. Hope next year we can go to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other places like QingDao, or other cities, hoping to have more interactions with fans from various places.
Hyung Jun: Fans who had diligently supporting us, because of your love, we can charmingly stand on stage, and able to come to Hong Kong to hold our concert. Next year, and year after next, we will met you with an even more matured stage.
Jung Min: Thank you everybody's love to us this year. Next year everybody also must continue to support us.

Hyun Joong Glory Full Worker Prize
Hyun Joong seems to have special feelings with Hong Kong, everytime when he came he spoke more. Maybe the previous press conference haven't allowed him to speak all he want, so as the 1st exclusive media after the press conference, Cool felt really honoured to see the leader who was with little words, unexpectedly, speaking non stop.

Once the interview started, Hyun Joong sat on the sofa, looking like a spokesperson. (Shocking!) The first 5 questions were answered by our leader. (Another shock!) Although our leader's cooperation make us felt like crying, but if this were to continue..... it was going to become his exclusive interview?! Not thinking too much, Cool went to the manager ear and whispered: "allow other members other than leader to answer! Let the members answer!........."

2 person mini group
When Hyun Joong was earnestly answering all the questions, at his side was showing Jung Min & Hyung Jun, Young Saeng & Kyu Jong 2 couples beautiful sight. Hyung Jun & Jung Min were bickering as usual. Young Saeng & Kyu Jong have some out of norm incident. Firstly Kyu Jong act to take a stethoscope, becoming a doctor, hearing Young Saeng's chest, and asked gently and softly: "Is it painful here? What about here? " Young Saeng actually cooperate with him and shoke his head: "Not pain.... ah... it is a little painful here..." Therefore, although I was trying to control myself by concentrating on leader's speech, but just can't help to look at these 2 person.

The legend of the drinkers
SS501 has been telling a lot of interesting incident when drinking. Was even fear of China Liquor. Therefore when going for the interview, we have a short discussion, finally decided to send this few boys a bottle of "MaoTai" as present. After the interview, Cool brought out the present that we had prepared from the bag.
Jung Min: "Wa~~ is it dim sum?
Cool: No, it is China famous liquor
Just when the word has just finished, I saw a shadow sped past and accompanied by a low tone 'Aw~', just in split seconds have taken the MaoTai in our hands, and showed his most charming and high powered smile (As what the photographer said, his eyes were shining!") Until we said "Bye Bye" wanted to leave, Hyun Joong was still hugging onto the wine.

During that time, giving such a present, Cool was quite worried: "Even if it is 38deg, to foreigner it is considered high", so we kept telling them: "This degree (alcohol level?) is quite high, you all must drink it little by little" The rest of the three keep saying obediently 'Orh orh orh". Only Hyun Joong & Jung Min completely never reply, forming group and shouted: "Tonight! Tonight drink this~!!!"
Hyun Joong: "How many degree is this?"
Five of them immediately 'Oh! My~God!!", just turning my eyes Hyun Joong had already started to open the liquor packaging..... totally different from the inpatient leader, Jung Min started to discuss the drinking method of the liquor. "This, must place a little ice, then taste nicer....", he immediately changed face and looked at Hyung Jun: "For you, don't even need to add in anything and drink it directly!" Making Cool so scared and hold out her hands to stop, we will kneel down to do self-reflection, in future would not bring any liquor! (Remorseful tears)

Press Conference Cantonese
Maybe because this was their 2nd time having their activity in Hong Kong, before that they had already had experience with the Hong Kong media, so 5 of them were very relax in the press conference. Not only they sang 'Love Like this', they even showed off their Cantonese. But.... during the self introduction, Heo Young Saeng was pronounced by Young Saeng as "Hou Hoi Sam" (very happy), "Kim Hyung Jun" was also pronounced by Hyung Jun as "Kum Hang Jun", causing the media on site to laugh until nearly drop their tears.

In Taiwan & Shanghai, Jung Min sang Chinese songs which are very suitable to the locals. "For my solo, I have prepared a cantonese song, because since young I love Hong Kong dramas and songs. So, this time I have specially prepared the late Leslie Cheung's 'Zhui' (Chase). Park Linguistic, you are really strong!

Lan Kwai Fong incident
Revealing that he had "went to tour in Hong Kong for 3 times"'s Hyun Joong, knew that during December there were a lot of discounts and promotions, so he expressed: "This time, coming to Hong Kong, other than for the concert will have a nice time with the fans, also thinking of going to shop." When being asked which was the place that everytime when he came to Hong Kong and wanted to go. "For Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is most popular, hehe, previous time when I go never really nicely play, if there's chance, don't mind going there again." This word make all the media thought of the paparazzi news on August. At that moment, they smile discreetly. The host quickly said: "Then this time when you go, you definitely want to have a lot of media to go along with you!" Hyun Joong has never showed any displeased but answered: "Hope this time they can give me a full page news coverage! (Smile)"

Proper Meal
In this album heard that you had invited the popular American choreographer. Please talk about this.
Jung Min: For this Asia Tour, we tried to add in various elements, one of the elements is to employ a chereographer from Americas to choreograph the dance. Therefore we have very big breakthrough. During the preparation process, also add in a lot of pop elements, giving people something refreshing. Hope in the next album will continue to add in new elements, allowing everybody to see our progressing side.

Before this you had been doing solo activities, what is your feelings during then?
Kyu Jong: That was my first time doing seperate activities, I was very panic and felt very uneasy. Although was progressing smoothly, but still felt most happy when 5 of us is together. When working together the atmosphere were very good, hope all 5 of us will be able to continue to work together, to enjoy the happiness on stage.

During solo activities, which member do you miss most?
Hyung Jun: I miss all of the members. But miss most, Hyun Joong and Jung min, because usually they will bully me, all in a sudden there's nobody to bully me, I felt lonely.
Young Saeng: I also think of all members, because I am having activities together with Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun. When the 3 of us are having our activities, I become the leader, during that time, I felt being a leader is really tough, I can understand being the leader for 5 person was even more tough, so I miss our leader.
Hyun Joong: When 5 of us are together, I am the leader, so when 3 of them are having activity, I am very worried about them, but when Young Saeng was the leader, he had led the team very well, I also felt relieve.
Kyu Jong: I miss Jung Min, because Jung Min can bring up the atmosphere in our team, without him, will feel very empty, so will miss him. (Jung Min stood up, put a hand on his shoulder, and wave the other hand like a leader style)
Jung Min: During my solo activities, I miss Kyu Jong most. Because Kyu Jong is most gentle and most able to take care of people within the members. I also will miss Hyung Jun, because everytime will bicker with him, so have love & hate feelings with him, although the hate feelings are more (smile). However, when bickering with him, I am very happy, I will also miss Young Saeng & Hyun Joong, when 5 of us are together will not be so lonely and have support.

After Hong Kong concert, will the Asia Tour Concert still continue to any other countries?
Jung Min: Other Asia Concert is still in the discussion and is not finalized, now only can confirmed that February will be the Encore Concert in Seoul. Hope everybody can come over to see our concert, and also take this opportunity to tour Korea and taste the bibimbap (hot stone rice).

Concert, was so perfect
This time the Hong Kong concert not only the attendance rate, preparation for the concert, passionate level of fans, were all perfect. Hyun Joong said: "Seeing the full house attendance, it proved that our decision to come to Hong Kong to hold the concert is correct" Also secretly told everybody that this time he even brought his own parents together to Hong Kong and will go shopping after the concert and eat nice food. Finally he even joke to everybody: "If you met me on the street, remember to ask for my signature! (smile)

One of the attraction of this concert was Jung Min's 'Zhui' (Chase) and Young Saeng's solo. Jung Min's linguistic ability was shocking, his 'zhui' Cantonese pronunciation was super perfect, bringing along the Hong Kong local fans to sing along with him, the scene was very magnificent. As for Young Saeng, originally thought that he will sing slow songs like the rest of the members, but who knows before he made his appearance Jung Min introduced: "Our Young Saeng has special feelings with Hong Kong, also because it is the last concert for 2009, he has specially prepared a surprised for Hong Kong fans" -- Starting with a Rap version of 'You are my Heaven' together with Hyung Jun, after a long wait, following by the next song Young Saeng sang the Rock version of 'Find'! On stage, he jumped wildly, shaking his head and interacted perfectly together with the bass guitarist -- A total change of his princely image, totally turned into a 'Bad Boy', very closed to this boy recent theme.

During the MC time, the funniest thing was Jung Min's 'kissing' game. Hasn't he have enough of that during Shanghai time? (Smile) Other than that, his 'bullying' towards Hyung Jun has extended to the concert, before Hyung Jun's solo and needed to prepare back stage, the stage only left with the 4 members, when everybody asked, "where is Hyung Jun?", Jung Min said "He is dead...." (Kneel)

Different from other concert's encore, Hong Kong concert was during the eve of Christmas, so when the fans was singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas...." to replace the encore chantings, the scene was very touching. After that on the big screen appeared the cute cartoon version of 5 of them in Santa costume, following by a "Merry Christmas~!!" SS501 appeared in Santa costume on stage. Giving the Hong Kong fans a most perfect Christmas present!

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