SS501 interview @ Asian Hero [V] Thailand

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It is really such a pity that the boys are not very conversant in English. They really need to start working on it to be able to get more interactions with non-Korean speaking fans. Hyung Joon is at an advantage over the rest, but still he could only speak very little English. 

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I went to Mel's blog to check whether she has done the translation, and she did!

Credits to English Translation (Mel@KHJCorner)

Sawasdee Krab (Hello) We're Double S Five O One

VJ : Asking about how many times they have been in Thailand

Jung Min raised 4 fingers. Hyung Jun raised 2 and said 2 times...

VJ : your 1st full concert in Thailand, right??

Jung Ming: Right !!!!

Hyung Jun: We're happy and excited since this is our first SS501 Concert in Thailand and is also being held during Valentine's Day. We want this Concert to be given to Thai fans a gift from us.

VJ : Asking about any special things in the concert, explosion, fireworks

Hyun Joong: Actually, all of our performances are always special. Thailand is a hot country and with us singing and dancing... I think it will be less hot … (Mel: I don't think Leader really answered the question ke ke...)
JV : Plan after concert ends

Hyung Jun: After this going back to Korea.
(Mel: I think Jung Min is saying something about the Encore concert in Korea but that is all the translation given)

VJ : Asking about type of movie

Hyun Joong: I really want to act in the movie “Host”. They shoot this movie in Thailand too and it's the number one movie in Korea”

VJ : Asking about coming up project

Kyu Jung: After the Encore Concert in Korea, we will be releasing a new album. You all can anticipate it. Also each member will be doing their own solo activity like acting or being a DJ.

VJ: Asking about their favorite SS501 song

Hyun Joong: We will be performing different thing and you must go to see it yourself in the concert. For Jung Min part, also in the concert. (Then the concert were shown... Again.. I don't think Leader answered what being asked.. hahah ….)

VJ : Say something to the fans who are in the middle of taking exam

Jung Min: The exam is all about hard working … if you don't have the will, you won't be successful. Study hard and if you have time, please listen to SS501 songs, okay?

VJ : Say something to Thai fans

Young Seang: Tomorrow is our concert day and we really miss you all since we haven't seen each other for such a long time. I am so ready for tomorrow and you also are ready too... come and have fun with us.

VJ + SS501: Thank you very much

Jung Min is saying some Thai words “handsome, beautiful, pretty, toilet”

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