SS501 KIm Hyung Jun HERO teammate Seo Gyeong Jong talk about him in his new message @ MBCgame website

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Hi ^ ^ is Seo Gyeong Jong March 16, 2010 Seo Gyeong Jong

Hi ~

Being in this article is Hyung Jun ^^ I’m Seo Gyeong Jong ~!!!!

I am really Gyeong Jong as HTML can not fake! It really, really is ^ ^

First, this cutie Hyung Joon ㅋ ㅋ including the Hyung Jun Become a programer program

Many viewers love the program sincerely want to thank you ^ ^

Thank you so much for sharing your love with me also ~!!!!

When Episode 1 … It seems like the day before yesterday that the Hyung Jun plays the lead in Progamer

I do not believe it is already late ~ hahaha

Look like time is too fast..

I can not help you make a lot of Hyung Jun, and I’m sorry, I’m gonna have a little bit regretful over ^ ^

But I will do my best at the last minute! hahaha

Hyung Jun came to team really are making just the coolest ^^

Yogo yogo he’s totally the lucky golden ticket!!!♡ ㅋㅋㅋ

KT on 16 teams tomorrow, when we win No. 1 in round 3 will be in the final round with straight ticket

Can I Confirmed ^ ^ Please Come, I’ll ask a lot of the stadium cheering ^ ^ Puhahat ..

Come and I will buy drinks ……………………^^

And this Wednesday … They do open Hyung Jun evaluation before the final, do you know?

Please come to the stadium and give Hyung Joon the strength ^ ^

He’s got busy schedules otherwise connected online to practice hard !!~

I’m sure he deserve! ㅋ ㅋAll of our crew works hard and non sleeping, please support TT

Give me some good criticism of the post ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll ask ~

Well, good luck !!!!~^^

♡ I love you I love you I love you ♡ (Kim Hyung Jun)

- Gyeong Jong-

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