[19/03] Mnet released Kim Hyun Joong's Special Broadcast teaser

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I've seen this bit of news shared at SS601, but since I can't really read or understand Korean, I just had to wait for some goodhearted fella translates. Kamsahamnida!

Credits to sports chosun + nate news + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Japan Mnet has revealed their teaser video for upcoming April's broadcast schedule "KimHyunJoong Special".

Mnet Japan has said recently, We will be broadcasting a 'KimHyunJoong special' under the name of 'flower boys special edition'. In the teaser revealed, the airing dates for the relevant programmes were introduced as well.

Ever since the teaser was exposed, fans gave enthusiastic responses such as "To the extent of even covering across a special edition for broadcast, Kim HyunJoong's popularity is really huge" "Really confident about achieving entertainment sense" "Have got to watch Japan Mnet's broadcast".

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