Hyun Joong @ Basic House Unicef Never Alone CF

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

I'm bumping this post to add some translation. Ever wondered what those words in those tshirts meant? I did! And thanks to Ode of ss501ode.blogspot.com we now know what the CF is trying to convey.

Words unable to be said while doing alone
Catch those hands
As shoulder comrades
Expressions unable to be shown while doing alone
2010 June
More than the heart of our own's
But as the hearts of all
Gathering all our passion
Gathering support
For the love to Africa
For the courage to the battleship warriors
To move the world
Our carnival
To begin
2010 Never Alone Campaign

Credits to yyy148 + 3kimheoparkss501

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