What do male fans say on SS501?

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Oh! This is so funny to read. I do know that our boys to actually have male fans, though they are not that huge in numbers and not very open. Okay, when we went to Seoul for the Encore concert there was this guy with us whom we initially though to just be hanging around because he is with one of the girls. We later discovered that he is an official member of the Malaysian TS and he likes Jung Min.

The tour guide from the travel agency who handled the SS501 concert tour package was also with us and went to the concert, too. Let's just say he did enjoy the show - partly maybe because of the KARA girls. 

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Characteristical survey check on SS501's male fans--ranking of each's number of male fans

No.2 - Kim Kyu Jong (Prince Kim Kyu Jong)

In reality, Kyu Jong has actually been attracting many male fans as well (just different from old Heo)

Kyu Jong's tone and demeanor in TV programmes is extremely adorable

In the programme "Thanks for waking me up" broadcasted in lower half of 2005, the hardworking, innocent, and ignorant Kyu Jong really suited his disposition

From then on, male fans grew flustered

That puffy face during SNOW PRINCE days?

Wouldn't the puffy face during WARNING days be just fine mm, besides, the reactions caused back during those days were unusual as well

Though the puffy face is no longer as puffy now..

but Kim Q's smile still makes people flustered

From the "FIND" MV where Jung Min touched Kyu Jong's butt, we could infer that,

SS501 Jung Min likes Kyu Jong as well...

In overall, Kyu Jong's male fans are quite a number too

The rankings of remaining 4 + content

No.1 old Heo
There are seriously many male fans of his, but in comparison to LLT & URMAN's bad boy image, the male fans actually love the style of his in SNOW PRINCE & COWARD......
(the korean fan replenished with this sentence: old Heo's male fans are no migrant birds...) (???)

No.3 HyungHyung
Similarly it was because of his adorable looks in SNOW PRINCE, but ever since he tended towards the "muscle man" path, male fans became more inactive......

No.4 MalMal
Sexy Charisma Supreme Charmer, during the times of "Thank you for waking me up", male fans succumbed to his pet phrase "I fancy carrots" as well as that very unique "YOMU" behind every sentence~~......

No.5 PG (Leader)
In the early days there was actually quite a number of male fans of his, but ever since starring across as Yoon Jihoo, all the male fans gradually ran away...

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