SS501 Asia Tour “Persona in Japan” in Nippon Budōkan will be broadcasted in Japan Mnet

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Broadcast time: March 27 (Saturday) 11:00pm ~ 1:15am / 130minutes
Re-broadcast: March 30 (Tuesday) 00:00 ~ 02:15 / March 31 (Wed) 14:25~17:00

Japan would be the first to broadcast SS501's first independent concert held at Budoukan!

5-member group SS501, who has acclaimed high popularity in Asia, will be showing on TV the concert they held in 2009 August at Japan Budoukan.

In the programme [M!Pick] by Korea Mnet specially designed for the newbies in showbiz, SS501 who debuted through it, has now brought about a higher elevation into their popularity despite having not displayed such unison in a long while.

In 2006 September, they held their first ever independent concert in Japan, in 2007 August, they debuted in Japan through single [Kokoro]. In the original programme [SS501 THE MISSION] produced by Mnet Japan, SS501 who challenged variety had received good feedbacks from the public back then on their participation, even their popularity in Japan was also acknowledged.
The group's leader Hyun Joong had partook in the big hit drama of 2009 [Boys over Flowers], through his character Yoon Jihoo, he collated explosive popularity which skyrocketed him in not just Korea and Japan, but also in Asia, which made people anticipate for his future plans as an actor too.

In this broadcast of concert by Mnet, you would get to meet the musculine charms of theirs, be it in the amazing songs, dance, visual, or every thing else. Please anticipate for each member's solo performances, as well as some behind the scenes.

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