Lucky fans going to the Taiwan Fanmeet has chance to meet Hyung Jun backstage

Credits to Warner Music Taiwan + (English translation)

SS501 ”I am Kim Hyung Jun” Taiwan Fanmeet

Event info
time : 2010/10/24 after the fanmeet
venue : backstage

How to Participate
1. for fans who bought tickets before 20th Oct
2. lucky fans will be announced on the day itself

Rules to Take Note
1. all the lucky fans need to present ticket for checking
2. please gather at the meeting place after the fanmeet
3. one ticket for each person to participate in the event
4. at the backstage, you are allowed to shake hands and take photo with Hyung Jun
5. all the lucky fans must listen to instructions given by the staff. if anyone disrupt the procedure, organiser will give the lucky chance to others

Note: ticket number is in green color at the bottom of the ticket

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