[17/10] BBC reveals the Hallyu wave in India and it includes Hyun Joong

Credits to bbc.co.uk asphodel@allkpop

The BBC hosts a web-based series called “Close-Up”, where short vignettes are created to exhibit “aspects of life in countries and cities around the world”.

The most recent episode focused on the Hallyu wave in the remote Indian state of Manipur. Bollywood movies, which are so popular and prevalent in other areas of India, were banned in Manipur due to the tense separatist movement surging throughout the state. Consequently, residents have been forced to look elsewhere for their entertainment fixes.

Check out the link here, as the narrator summarizes the impact of Korean fashion and entertainment upon an unexpected audience. Interestingly enough, the narrator mentions “Boys over Flowers” and SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong!

For reference, here’s a map indicating the location and scale of Manipur:

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