[21/10] Hyun Joong's Video Message at the End of Goodbye Seung Jo

Credits to yoyo@HYUNBAR + (English translation) bb@LoveKimHyunJoong.com

This is the first drama that I'm the leading actor,
there's much that I want to say.
But it's because of the fans, everyone's support and cheer
I didn't despair nor give up
Working very hard... persisting all the way till the end.

Eh, countless rumours, unsubstantiated and groundless news
(All of you) just ignored them
and put up with things just to wait for today
First and foremost, to everyone...
I wish to express my gratitude...

Me like this
rambling on with words that don't seem to make much sense
not wishing and not wanting to cause everyone to wait without promises
and without any end in sight
So, no matter what or which kind
I really wish to collect my thoughts before emerging
Words that I wanted to say back then
but have waited till now to say them, I'm sorry

In the end
things that I'd thought through and thoughts that I'd organized
I ended up becoming more fastidious with them

Whilst filming this drama
many people were worried and anxious due to the ratings
In contrast, I was quiet and calm
and rode through the storm together with PK (team)

Of course, a genius I'm not
But just like Baek Seung Jo with worries that cannot be shared or expressed
going through and withstanding all of it alone
I still hope to be able to manage the situation well
Yea, it seems to be that way...

When I've worries like that
I came upon the line (in the script) "Other people will be happy if I'm happy"
Coz of this line, I've given (things) a lot of thought

So I, Kim Hyun Joong,
wish to live life happier and in a more meaningful manner

When I'm weary and tired
I like to chat with fans
Am I too mysterious? Ke!

I'm also confident of myself
Coz I'm a believer of consequentialism
(*bb: that the end justifies the means)
it's come to a point that self-reflection has become necessary...

Before, it seems that I was pretending that I was living well and happily
Now, I will put in my utmost, my best
to gain everyone's recognition
and not have an outcome that is negative
I wish to become someone like that...

From now on
I will challenge my first solo album^^
(Will) really put in effort
Will be glad

In the months of August, September and October in 2010
everyone's watching over me and caring for me

In 2011, I will watch over everyone and care for everyone
I will come back in 2011 in a handsome manner

I've had a great time in these three month
Thank you, everyone

Everyone, too, please be safe
for the remaining time in the year in 2010^^

I feel that you'll be just like family to me
from now on.

See you~~ ^^

21st Oct 2010
the last episode of Playful Kiss

Everyone's leader
Hyun Joong.... ^^

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