[20/10] SS501 will return next year

Credits to Daum + nanunmaro@allkpop

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon confirmed in an interview with Sports World that SS501 will return even with the recent division into separate agencies and careers. He stated, “When our individual activities and promotions end, the members of SS501 will reunite on the first half of 2011 with a new album. We will also hold concerts with the album promotions.”

Kim Hyung Joon continued, “Although negative opinions rose as we joined different agencies, our unity is absolute. Like Shinhwa, we will pursue our personal dreams but always be part of SS501.”

He also described the bond between each members, “When we decided to go our separate ways, we promised to keep our group intact. It was the foremost prerequisite for our new contracts. We only need to decide the release date for the album.”

I hope this quenches the thirst that SS501 fans have about the group’s future.

Though I'm busy at work, I just have to post this. Such a lovely piece of news this morning, yah?

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