[12/10] ‘The First Love Story’ FanMeet host blogs about the event in DATV blog site

Credits to DATV blog 2010.10.12 + (Chinese translation) 琳琳&雪舞天涯 @金贤重吧新闻组 (Baidu KHJ Bar) + (English translation) bb @lovekimhyunjoong.com


The fan meeting (FM) to commemorate Kim Hyun Joong’s first Premium DVD & Photo Book,
The First Love Story’ was held at the JCB hall yesterday.

The FM opened with Thank You.
The moment Kim Hyun Joong appeared in his black suit,
the entire JCB venue was enveloped in applause and cheers.

Not only just from the various parts of Japan,
there were even fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
and other parts of the world, who were present at the event.
So truly, Kim Hyun Joong is really popular.

But, really laughed very heartily,
(*bb: not sure if referring to blogger, or fans, or KHJ)
Hyun Joong’s chatting session.

His unique 4D charisma is really quite something
Even if just wanting to say something in a forthright and most direct possible manner,
that, too, had the ability to trigger continuous laughter at the event.

The DVD was shot in Bali,
so the question was about the unusual tales or interesting incidents in Bali,
but it was hard to keep the topic on Bali,
we ‘ran’ off-focus all the way to South Pole…
But, to be able to say whatever he’s thinking inside unreservedly is commendable.

Lately, the filming work for Playful Kiss seems to be very tough.
He’s only able to sleep two hours in all of three days, and such.

Even with such punishing schedule,
he was still showing his bright smiles!

Before the start of the event proper,
Hyun Joong went to look at the flowers and gifts that the fans had sent;
he had looked at each one very carefully,
and even touched the balloon/s and gave a small smile.

He accepted all the warm wishes sent by everyone,
and walked towards the stage.

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