[17/10] B2M Notice regarding fan communities of Kyu Jong & Young Saeng

Remember this first notice from B2M? They actually want to have a sort of conference with the fan clubs and they have required additional info to proceed with the event.

Credits to B2M Entertainment site + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

Original Notice

김규종군과 허영생군의 간담회 양식입니다


B2M엔터테인먼트 매니저 전형진입니다.

이번 간담회에 대한 문의가 많으셔서 아래와 같이 참가 지원양식을 추가하였습니다.

아래의 양식에 따라 메일을 다시 한 번 보내주시길 바라며

이번 간담회의 취지는 팬 여러분들과 소통의 자리를 마련하고픈

저의 마음이 먼저였다는 것을 알아주시면 고맙겠습니다.

그리고 간담회에 허영생군과 김규종군은 참석하지 않습니다.


<지원양식 >

1. 소속 팬커뮤니티명 / 주소 :

2. 소속소개 : (회원 수, 개설일, 활동 등)

3. 대표자 성명, 연락처

4. 커뮤니티에서 본인이 맡고 있는 역할 및 닉네임

6. 전체 참가 인원 및 성명, 연락처

커뮤니티에서 3명 내외의 인원으로 신청해주시기 바라며.

참가지원서는 반드시 10월17일 일요일 오후 6시까지

tkfkd828@nate.com 으로 보내주십시오.

English Translation

1. Your fan-community's name / address

2. Introduction: (members amount, establishment date, activities etc)

3. Name and Contact no. of the Founder/Overall admin (CEO) of the fan-community

4. Your personal role and nickname in the fan-community

5. All the names and contact numbers of everybody participating in this event

We hope to see 3 personnel from the private and public department to apply for participation in this.

For those personnel who will participate in this, you MUST send in your application by October 17 (Sunday), 6PM to tkfkd828@nate.com.

Credits to B2M Entertainment site + (Chinese translation) yeami @ doubles501.com + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com

Hi everybody,

I am B2M Entertainment manager Jeon HyeongJin.

There are a lot of inquiries about this meeting, a participation application form has been added as below.

Follow according to the form below and please email once again.

The purpose of this meeting is to have a location for communicating with fans. Hope to have your understanding.

And Heo Young Saeng-gun and Kim Kyu Jong-gun will not attend the meeting.

Thank you.

[Application Form]

1. Fan community Name / Address:
2. Community Introduction (No. of members, Setup date, activities and others):
3. Representative Name, Contact number:
4. Personal role in community and nickname (ID)
6*. No of participant, names and contact numbers
* I think there's a typo since there's no 5

Hope to have around 3 person for each community, please send application before 6pm, 17 October, Monday**.
Please send email to tkfkd828@nate.com
**17 October is actually Sunday, I wonder which is the correct date

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