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Movie Week No.414

Many idol (Idol) began to challenge acting. Today’s trend seems to be idols cannot be omit in the film industry and broadcasting. They are tested on the stage field and their foundation of strength are heading to expand the areas in Arts Program, drama, film, musical stage, surprisingly fast. The following including idols who are now equal emphasis on singing and acting, also idol who is expected in future challenges of acting.

SS501: Flower boys full of acting wishes

Park Jung Min
Rich and gaudy love opera / talent in the world of music theater

Park Jung Min have always had dreams in musical reached his wish through the character Danny at . The possibility of his dream has been certified by this work. Then, has been successfully promoted to the main character of <”Human Life Theater 2010> (MBC every1). Through this variety show but a very close to being works of a drama, Park Jung Min gradually take off the coat of idol and replacing with a actor’s image.

Kim Hyun Joong
DRAMA “love can be electrified? ” and ” Hana Yori Dango “
Sitcoms / walking statue

Starred in “Boys Over Flowers” (KBS2) in 100% similarity as Yoon JiHoo. Although his strength of the acting have been challenged inevitably, his acting teacher’s assessment for him is “The superior appearance surprisingly become a stumbling block of acting.”, still has great potential. Has a “4th dimensional” personality different from his youthful appearance, is a all-around artist even has outstanding sense of art.

Kim Kyu Jong
Hint of romantic comedy / a potential of stocks after SeoHyun of “Girls’ Generation

“Want to try after seeing Kim HyunJoong challenged of acting” Kim Kyu Jong finally become an actor, appeared in writer’s Yun Tae-ho . is a form of comic books and video mixed to show the network drama.

Kim Hyung Jun

Even he is the youngest in the group and always been compared with older brothers, now seems ready to show a different side.

Kim Hyung-jun “If I can re-born, I want to become “Kim Hyun Joong”. I also have a desire for acting.”

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