Kim Kyu Jong's recent activities

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We've heard of the rumours that Kyu Jong, Jung Min and possibly Young Saeng will do a drama stint in Super Star where in Hyung Joon has already shot "Black City". Then Young Saeng's message early this morning mentioned of Kyu being busy filming. Well, here are some updates that will confirm this bit of news. 

First episode:
On the 29th, Someone saw Kyu Jong was in the Village of the World Bolan Si Hospital (affiliated to the Yonsei University Medical Research Center), shooting with Nan Kui Li. People said he had stayed for a very long time after filming the part with Nan Kui Li. The passers-by was also photographed his back pose wearing a patient’s uniform ~ ~

Here is the photo:

Second episode:
On the 30th, a South Korean noona pea (fulyl lucky woman) and friends, passing Island Hill Park saw Kyu Jong filming again (with Nankui Li). Her friends identified him as SS501 Kim Kyu Jong. That fans was electrified by Kyu Jong’s smile when meeting with eyes.

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