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SS501 got a new apps again available at iTunes. You think Unnie Yen will let it pass? Of course, I bought it and left another review (I think I'm the only one who even bothers to leave a review there kekeke). I guess TrueMobile has listened to my wishes. This new apps has an awful lot of pictures. Hee! I didn't mind paying US$0.99 for never-before-seen shots of the boys from their Rebirth album photoshoot. As you can see, these are raw pictures, some photos were not even edited (which this Unnie likes a lot). I've got major peeves though, even though there are lots of pics, they weren't equally divided amongst members. It is such a pity that Jung Min only has 6 photos as compared to Young Saeng's 27.

And in case you don't have their We Can Fly single for JinAir, it is also available at the iTunes store.

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