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For those who are not asleep yet are having insomnia?
I have insomnia....ㅠㅠ
Who else beside me?
It's not milk colour!!!ㅡㅡ It's a house~~
I'm getting mature and handsome right~~ haha I'll be even more handsome in the future~~
At Hyun Joong's house~~ My first time here? No~~ didn't come here for 2 years..ㅡㅡ
What noona~ All are friends~~ ha
Why nervous~~ㅡㅡ
What have I been doing???ㅡㅡ
You know where is the concerts~~ㅡㅡ
oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ well......
ㅡㅡ my favourite expression?
If this is my first time here.. then I wasn't here at all 2 years ago!!
HAHAHA Just come like that!!! ^^ ㅡㅡ... and do this~
Post a message today~~
Others using Young Saeng's name to come here?
Everybody go sleep~~ Haha You will become heavy if you sleep late~~
hahahahaha King ha what king~~ I'm not that wonderful..ㅡㅡ
We are friends~~~~~~~~~~~
Didnt see when being asked to be here?
I know must take good care of myself~~ haha
I'm good in playing Starcraft..ㅡㅡ
Who says I exercises~ ㅡㅡ
What good physique..ㅡㅡ
How about I become Rap Saeng ha
Must wear thick clothes!!!!
Call oppa!! haha
Big gap in age~ ㅡㅡ
Shout the name~ can't remember too~~ ㅡㅡ anyway, I'm bad, I'm not that genius~
How to meet and talk~ ha
Difference by how old?
Message.. post a lot~~ Gone with the wind~~
If it is a big difference in age, then should be aunt~
Still want to dance even if you broke your finger?
What is tsk tsk?
A~~~~~~ what's that? ㅡㅡ
Not angry~~~~~^----------------^
What is Bul-sun?
What's that, so don't know how to answer~~
Heo Young Saeng!!! Will lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅡㅡha
In December, eat and sleep everyday... the flesh also!!! (eye-roll)~~ ㅡㅡ
What Camwhore Saeng.. ㅡㅡ I don't like to expose myself~~ haha
Who says? Over 180? If put on insoles will be slightly over 180)~~
Sorry.. me too............ㅠㅠ
Standing.. what zone what zone~~~ Frankly speaking we don't know~~
I'm handicapped type 2....ㅡㅡ My torso is longer..ㅠㅠ
To be frank~~~ haha with insole will be 181!!! haha
Go and sleep~~ㅠㅠ but I'm having insomnia~~ㅠㅠ
That profile data is a lie~ silly~ haha
But have grow slightly taller recently~~ haha so match the profile data~~ haha
Don't know what to say
No more question?
Because didn't see for a long time~~~haha question
Don't want to do drama~~ still have not any finalized plan for 2nd album~~ㅠㅠ
Like Jeju~ will go there sometimes..haha
Didn't train muscles~ haha on diet now~~
Playing game or playing Starcraft.. or do Wii-ing~~
Will only go Daejeon when there's work..ㅠㅠ
My moustache can't stop growing..ㅡㅡ
Mainly is to do Terrains
It's very tiring to go these places~~ haha..since made up my mind so just go!!
Haven't watch Life Theatre yet~~ㅠㅠ
Let's play Starcraft together in the future~~ and I'm Map-Hacking
Hyung Joon can't play games with me~ haha
Might make special appearance in Life Theatre~ haha
How's the rest of the member.. I don't know too~~ haha
Seen some programs that plays Starcraft
I'm having insomnia~~ been keeping in contact~ met Hyun Joong 2 days ago..
Kyu Jong and Jung Min are busy filming now and met Hyung Joon while exercising~
Yaya!! I have to leave now~~ Everybody go and sleep!!!
Good bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good night

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