Hyun Joong and Jae Joong living together?

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I've known of this info for days now, but I'm not at a liberty to divulge such things as this over here or in any other form (tweet) lest I want to loose the confidence and trust of great new friends. So the mantra is to keep mum, until somebody else blew the horn (kekeke). Didn't you ever wonder who is this friend Hyun Joong talked about that he is living with during that Gourmand's Table show in Japan?

The article is more on Jae Joong and it was mentioned that he has a best friend whom knew for 6 years. SS501's Hyun Joong was named naturally (his picture is there in the article what?). The article indicates that the two handsome men are living together for three nights a week so that they can chat and drink together. 

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Having just gone to Australia with members Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu over the new year, Jae Joong was seen visiting Canada with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong who had starred in the Korean Version of Boys Over Flower after returning to Seoul.
According to Korean media, both appeared to have dyed their hair back to black so as to avoid attention, and was seen shopping happily in Canada.
Rumour has it that it was Jae Joong who had planned the personal tour.
The two are seemingly rivals in the the entertainment circuit, but in fact, have enjoyed a friendship for as long as six years.

Kim Jae Joong Moved out of Dorm which He Shared with the Members

Hallyu analyst Song Woo Jung expressed his views thus, "Although the two are from different agencies, they had gotten to know each other before their debut. Both were kids who had grown up in poor families and therefore were able to empathize with each other since they share similar conditions growing up. So they're the emotional pillars for each other."

Jae Joong, who has nine* older sisters above him, is the youngest in the family. After auditioning successfully for SM at the age of 15, he had moved from his home to Seoul all by himself. The first two years when he was a trainee, he had started to work all sorts of jobs, including waiting on tables, delivering papers, in order to make a living and also to pay school fees.
Similarly, Hyun Joong too had grown up in a poor family, and had earned his own living independently to reach where he is today.

The two had put in so much and worked so hard. The truth is DBSK's debut was 2004 and SS501 in 2005.
Now, both groups are top idol groups at the peak of their popularity.

Analyst Song said, "However, no matter how busy the groups are, they will often ask one another out. When DBSK's junior SNSD held their concert in 2009, members of both groups went together to attend the concert. Sometimes, they too will ask one another out for movies. Currently, Jae Joong and Hyun Joong can be said to be half-living together.

Analyst Song said, "Although both have got dorms arranged for them by the agencies to stay with their members, Hyun Joong has rented a condominium unit at an exquisite (bb: literal translation) locale in Seoul.

In the past, Jae Joong had already been visiting very often. Subsequent to the DBSK contract court-case last summer, Jae Joong had withdrawn and moved out from the shared dorm. But his home in Seoul often has fans gathered there, so Jae Joong can only choose to stay at Hyun Joong's apartment. It appears that he will stay at Hyun Joong's place at least three days in a week.

In Korea, when a male friend can open up the fridge and take any food or beverages at someone else's home, this represents very friendly ties. Other than being skilled in cooking, Hyun Joong and Jae Joong both love to drink as well. The two often cook dishes themselves and drink together, they will open up and confide in each other over food and drinks, or perhaps they may discuss about topics such as music or acting.

Having grown up under similar environment and also having become popular idols after so much hard work,it is not difficult to understand why the two of them can get along so well."

The two top-most popular idols living under one roof... it sure makes people curious and want to check out the pair of flower boys' home!


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