Scans from Photo501 - Photos by Hyung Joon (part 2)

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Credits to Yen&HersheyTripleS@blogspot

Why does it always take me some time to post maknae Hyung Joon's photos from Photo501? This second batch of 10 is long overdue.

Exhilarating Energy Man Hyung Joon's Daily Life

Hyung Joon says
"As a youngest member in the team, I always try to be cheerful and full of energy. However, I'm just a mediocrity and sometimes feeling depressed for no particular reason, having a midnight snack, and running to the hospital with a high fever. Therefore, I would like to share with my daily life and my personal thinking with you from now on."

Don't you even wonder what is this exhibition show? I have a naughty feeling...

This photo is connected to the last photo on this post. There's a typo error on the member's name.
It has to Leader who is busy to listen to the instructions. 

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