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Credits to Mel of KimhyunjoongThailand

Been checking BLo_oM Li_oN's blog (aka Mel of KimhyunjoongThailand) for updates on the Persona Thailand and I'm quite surprised at the preparations fans have done for the coming of SS501 this February.

KimhyunjoongThailand has commissioned a full-page welcome advertisement for SS501 at the back of Dara Daily Newspaper. It will be on the shelf at any book store or book stand from Feb10 - Feb 16.

For those who are going to the Thailand Persona do keep a look out for three KimhyunjoongThailand banners in Impact Arena as well. They will be giving out freebies to fans infront of Impact Arena. Drop by their booth and have your taken picture with Leader's standee, which I think was the gift from TonyMoly to the FC. And if you are in need of some advices in terms of travel in Thailand, members of the FC would be glad to help out.

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