SS501 Triple S Japan ~ First SS501 real-doll set for celebrating 5th aniversary!

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Original Message:

2010/02/09 2010年、SS501結成5周年Anniversary
第一弾 限定受注生産
発送予定時期:2010年5月~6月    (販売価格:1万5千円前後予定)





English Translation:

Year of 2010; 5th aniversary since our boys debuted.
It is decided to sell SS501 super premium item!

First round – Completely limited, only produce for a certain numbers

The first SS501 official goods!

Shipment schedule: From May to June in 2010.
Price: around 10,500yen

We decided to go on sale of first SS501 real-doll set for celebrating
5th aniversary!
The album cover photo of “Rebirth” will be completely recaptured as a real doll.
It should be the required item to collect for SS501 fan!!
*”real doll” is the doll that is recaptured from something like photo etc.

We’ll start for apply for purchase from middle or end of February!!
Also we’ll stop accepting apply when it come to scheduled number!!
*The person who made purchase will be get something like cherry on the cake!!
(We’ll inform you the detail at a later date.)

The detail of the doll (photo, size, price etc) and the things what the purchaser
can get will be informed to you at a later date.

*Please be sure that some item will be changed without any notification.
*Please be sure that The shipment schedule will be changed without notification.

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