Kim Hyun Joong Fans for Haitian Earthquake Victims

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I've been waiting to post this thing since happiebb mentioned of the plans of the Kim Hyun Joong fans coalition's decision to make a donation drive for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Well, my lovely Unnie has finally posted the details, so here I am asking you, TripleS, to take a look at what a good deed our Leader fans are trying to do here.

It doesn't matter if you're a Kim Hyun Joong fan or not, or may not even be a SS501 fan (me wonders how you got here kekeke), this is a for a good cause and worth supporting. If you have already done your part for the Haitian community, thank you. If you haven't and wondering how you could send out your help, here's an alternative channel to do so.

This is the place for overseas (non-Koreans) fans to take part in this donation drive:

To get a grasp of this project, please check out these posts:

And if you are a fun Leader fan, do join us in the forum HERE. Yes, Unnie Yen is there most of the time.


  1. hey, thanks for this!

    (keke, thanks for the advert too... the yen-thinks-lovely unnie is there most of the time too *.*)

    ps. that's a rather powerful/moving portrait of a child, don't you think? but i like the clarity in those (big) eyes.

  2. Yes, the photo is so heartrending that is why I lifted it from your post to add impact to my link...