Special Project for Persona Bangkok by TripleS Thailand

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Project detail during the concert and we would ask all Triple S to support the activity in the Persona Bangkok concert.

1. Prepare your own
GREEN light stick to wave during the boy songs.

2. The
Pink light sticks will be provided at THB 5,500 and 4,500 seats for use during “Green Peas” (Wan-Du-Kong).

Before ending of the song “Only One Day” (Haruman) and the boys are in the round chairs, fans in
THB 5,500 and 4,500 zones kindly prepare the provided pink sticks by breaking it 2-3 times.

For fans in
other zones, please also wave your GREEN light stick during this song too, we would like the boys to feel like they are rounded with full of love from Green Peas/Triple S. Imagine how lucky we can present our love to the boys in Valentine, then HOW HAPPY THE BOYS WOULD BE!

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