SS501 Persona Bangkok Latest update on 'Meet & Greet' Procedure

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'Meet & Greet' Procedures

1. Bring the concert ticket and Original ID card to the registration booth

2. Register at Haggen Daz, Siam Center 1st Floor (Next to Discovery Plaza) at2 PM to get the queue

3. Queue in to get the artists’ autographs at 4 PM (Please remember check with the organizer during registration WHERE to queue since it is not mentioned in this release)

4. 1 person can only get 1 SIGNATURE and can not choose the artist

5. No picture and no gifts are allowed to pass to the artists. (You can leave your presents to the staffs)

6. The Artists will not write anything else except signing their autographs.

*** Late registration after 4.30 PM will be disqualified from the 'Meet & Greet' session !!

*** If you don’t have all the required documents with you, you will be disqualified !!!

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