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Here is the episode of Korean TS met Kyu in the filming scene:

Date: unknown

Yesterday, Kyu Jong came to the street block I lived for filming.

I went to see him.

The atmosphere is great ^ ^

He was very lovely and joking with the staffs.

He also seems close to Nam Gyuri ~

There was a running scene, the strip ( may be clothes?) wrapped around the leg of Gyuri.

Attracted the attention of the PD, everyone broke out laughing ^ ^ (I am not sure about the actual situation but PD really was laughing hard because of Kyu Jong)

Do not know whether the hair is trimmed, and does not look like as long as the wedding photos ! !

And the color of his lips are very pale. I do not know if it is because of the need of illness look needs of young people (?)

Also, clothing is also very nice ~ wearing a cute hat with knitted ball >.<

Only seeing Kyu Jong after almost a month, a little out of control ~ not being myself

Every time when the film shooting is moved, Kyu would carry the agent’s arm (she is a female~) - very jealous

Another three students have been very strong wait until the end of the filming and then asked Kyu Jong for a signature.

I am very curious what is Kyu Jong’s role in the series.

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