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Original Message:

[정민]잠깐...!! 2010-02-12 오후 3:11:23

13일 오전 1시에 가오픈 예정이였던 로얄에비뉴가
잠시 뒤로 미뤄질 것 같습니다.
홈페이지관련 문제가 발생,
가오픈하면서 시범서비스를 해보려했지만,
뒤로 미뤄지게 된 점 고개숙여 사과드립니다. (--) (__)
정확한 날짜는 다시한번 글 올리도록 하겠습니당.
태국에서 멋진 콘서트 하고 돌아갈께요~!

English Translation:

[Jung Min] Wait...!! 2010-02-12 PM 3:11:23

Originally scheduled to trial run on 13th 1am's Royal Avenue (Website Name)
Maybe need to delay already
The official website has some problem,
During the trial opening time are thinking of to test run a bit,
But seems like must be delayed, bow my head to apologize to you. (--)(__)
Once have an exact date will come here to leave message again.
Will successfully completed the Thailand concert and return~!
Thats all~!

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