[Feb 2010] Kim Hyun Joong has become ELLE February's focus of attention "a fancy fairground" Icon

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Author of manhwa "Boys over Flowers" Yoko Kamio has expressed, she feels that the disposition she imagines "Hanazawa Rui" to be while creating that character of soul is just about the exact same replica as SS501 Kim Hyun Joong. Of course, before the manhwa, Kim Hyun Joong is already a very famous flower boy, but we cannot deny the fact that Kim Hyun Joong has 100% the disposition of "Rui's". The hair that's been blown by wind is smooth and soft (it isn't that we have special fantasies for males' hair texture oh), and the smile that appears to be disconcerned about anything at all, but the shallow smile is ample to get people infatuated with it, and that white soft skin and matte lips! He's exactly a character walking out of and from the manhwas.

Hyun Joong's beauty is impeccable, and his charm doesn't just only lie in that assorted and outstanding good looks, he may look aloof on the appearance, appears have little interest for the people surrounding him, but actually he is the one who is able to see through peopple's inner thoughts the best. Previously having starred in reality programme "We Got Married", he had bought medicine for his reel wife Hwang Bo, although it is only a variety programme, it has sufficiently allowed audiences to feel his sincerity towards a "human".

"affability but which appears to be indifferent"! Isn't this trait the one trait of males that could get the hearts of most females in manhwas? (of course if this male doesn't have a charming appearance, but just possesses affability, everything is just futile, this is also the principle of sonyeo manhwas.) Which is why we could affirm at firsthand that Kim Hyun Joong is really a man who walked out from the manhwas. This kind of unrealistic male beauty has happened on Kim Hyun Joong, and everything has become reality, we as audiences are also very pleased !!

Males think: actually to a male, Kim Hyun Joong's appearance is definitely a cause of massive headache for a wide number of them. In such a way, males not just need to possess good natural traits, and also needs to maintain good personal well-being and groom themselves well like exercising etc, it is very important, and even needs to practise smiling like a flower too. But.......how do you master a four-dimensional personality? Nearly impossible ne.

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