[23/06] Young Saeng at TOK TOK

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Credits to DSP TOK TOK + 편애안 함 & 제2의홀릭@SS601 + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com
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  1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhh...at last our saengi came out...really..really..really miss him....
    i always keep thinking of him..what he doing..where is he....
    aigooo..REFRESH...hohoho...it is my feeling ryte now...but y.. he can't support golden melody awards @ taiwan togther with jm n baby..??
    can someone tell me..

  2. can i know..which one saengi post..is it pink or orange colour..?

  3. @Anonymous 1.40 Ah, all of colour... You can see his nick at all sentences... This Tok just cap what Saengie chatted with fans only, not cap the fans' part.

  4. yen unnie... i just curious about part "stage next year"... will he come back next year??