[20/06] Kim Hyun Joong in more interviews in Philippine shows

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I asked someone to translate the first video as I find it more interesting than questions about having a girlfriend back in Korea. Seriously, there is only one media company with exclusive rights to Leader's visit and different shows were allowed some time with him for interview segments. They should have spread out their questions and avoid repetitive ones. Or were they given instructions not to ask things that are so complicated?

Credits to LYN + Liezle + 3kimheopark3

With the warm welcome he received from Filipino fans, he will try to come back here for a vacation (holiday) and try out Filipino dishes.

Kim Hyun Joong did not only come to the Philippines for a concert with BEAST, part of it is to promote the advocacy for the welfare of young mothers. But if given the chance, he also wants to visit the famous tourist destinations in the country. He is likewise excited to give Filipino food a try.

He's really looking forward to trying our chicken because we serve it together with rice which is not done in Korea. (Come to Singapore, there's also chicken rice here.)

Kim Hyun Joong rose to fame as the leader of the Korean boyband SS501, however, he also became known in acting. If asked to choose between singing and acting, which do you think he would want to focus on?

He really wants to excel in both fields and he would really have a hard time picking one.

Hyun Joong really enjoyed his stayed in the Philippines and he hopes that he will do an acting project when he comes back. (A CF perhaps?)

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