[21/06] Hyung Jun's new message

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I've been waiting since yesterday and got surprised that Kyu only went to TOK, but then he said he's encountering errors. So I waited again today. Hee! I think my hunches are right on the money this time. I have to start buying Toto tickets.

Credits to DSP Site + (English translation) jacinthoriya@Twitter

English Translation:

We have to believe each other,
Don't worry.
All of 5 of us will always unite as 1.
We will be together until we become grandpa and grandma.
All 5 of us will use good music and handsome looks to repay all of you.
I love you green peas princess ^_^
SS501 mensui~mensui~mensui

Credits to (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Hyung Joon : Double S 501 @ 2010-06-21, 8:49:49 PM

We believe in one another ,

Don't worry.

Five of us will be as one Forever.

We will be together all the way until we become grandmothers and grandfathers.

Amazing music, terrific us, we'll repay all of you with that, the 5 of us.

I love you all, green peas ^-^

Double S 501, Manse~ Manse~ Manse~

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